EXCLUSIVE: A journalist whose campaign against long-running police and political corruption in NSW’s Southern Highlands eventually led to a government inquiry into the actions of the local council has been shockingly arrested by the Terror Squad in yet another attack by authorities on democracy and free speech in Australia. The journalist is now even banned from using social media. Serkan Ozturk reports.

A long running vendetta by the NSW Police Force against an investigative journalist has taken a sinister turn after the journo based near Bowral was sensationally arrested by the Terrorism Squad on 27 fabricated charges just before the Christmas break.

Adam Greenwood has been a major thorn in the side for the police since 2018, after he was framed for a crime he didn’t commit. For nearly five years, Mr Greenwood has attempted to hold the police to account for the miscarriage of justice, but no amount of complaining to authorities has resolved the matter, with the police refusing to properly investigate the complaints. At the same time, the police have officially informed Mr Greenwood that their investigations have come to nothing.

According to one police insider who spoke to this publication following Mr Greenwood’s arrest: “When it comes to Adam’s complaints about corruption, the police are saying he’s not of sound mind to be making such outlandish claims. But when it comes to charging him for various offences, all of a sudden, Adam’s completely sane. The NSW Police Force can’t have it both ways. Either Adam’s not of sound mind, and shouldn’t be charged, or he is of sound mind, which means his complaints should be properly investigated.”

In late 2021, True Crime News Weekly broke the story about Adam’s situation, after the mainstream media failed to report on the extraordinary case over a five year period.

Destroyed by Defamation Laws

In 2016, Adam wrote a funny song about two corrupt councillors after they were re-elected to Wingecarribee Shire Council in the face of damning evidence of their wrongdoing. As a journalist at the time, Adam was frustrated that more evidence of their criminality couldn’t be published because of draconian defamation laws. The budding song writer was under the impression he could make fun of crooked politicians using satire, and be covered by First Amendment-like rights, similar to those in America. Unfortunately, Australia’s defamation laws hark back to the 19th Century, and they always favour the plaintiffs in every court action.

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The two councillors took advantage of such unjust laws, and promptly sued Mr Greenwood for libel. For five long years, and having spent $200,000 in legal fees, the song writing journalist ended up losing the case, which left him destitute. It was a classic SLAPP lawsuit in which the plaintiffs – using their wealth and status – sued a critic with the intention of crippling him financially. Even though the plaintiffs were awarded hundreds of thousands in damages, there was nothing left. Mr Greenwood was broke. It was exactly as the plaintiffs had planned it.

Framed by Local Bent Police

Two years into the defamation case, and with no end in sight, the journalist started doing some digging. One of the plaintiffs had a right-hand man by the name of Charlie Johns. He was part standover man and part fixer, and he had close ties to corrupt officers at the local police department. After uncovering evidence of Johns’s long term criminality, Mr Greenwood exposed the crook in a series of ongoing reports in a local newspaper. A chance encounter at the local Woolworths saw the journalist confront Johns about his unlawful behaviour, and his ongoing support of the crooked councillor who was then suing Mr Greenwood for defamation.


Six weeks later, Mr Greenwood was charged with stalking and intimidation based on a confrontation that lasted less than three minutes. At no time did Mr Greenwood threaten Charlie Johns, except to tell him he was going to jail. Over the next 12 months, the journalist attempted to fight the charge, but due to serious mental health issues stemming from the SLAPP lawsuit, he was unable to make it to all the court hearings, and even though he provided the court with a doctor’s certificate, the magistrate found him guilty in his absence.

Accused of criminality: Charlie Johns (Image: Supplied)

It was a major miscarriage of justice in which a corrupt court and a corrupt police division framed Mr Greenwood for a crime he didn’t commit. And it was at this stage that Mr Greenwood started exposing corrupt police in the public domain, naming and shaming the bent cops at Hume police department.

In an attempt to shut down Mr Greenwood’s complaints of police corruption, the local cops called in the Fixated Persons Unit. He was literally kidnapped off the streets of Bowral, and carted off to a mental institution. Officers of the Fixated Squad threatened the journalist with further charges if he didn’t take down all Facebook posts that detailed police corruption. Psychiatrists at the mental ward determined Mr Greenwood had been illegally incarcerated, and released him after three days.

The local police framed him with further convictions over the next two years, but no amount of unlawful charges would stop Mr Greenwood from exposing the police for their corruption. Over a four year period, he posted dozens of complaints detailing the corruption, while at the same time, complaining to the police, the LECC and ICAC, along with overwhelming documented evidence to back up his claims.

But his complaints always fell on deaf ears, and authorities refused to act.

However, there was one clear indication that Mr Greenwood was onto something.

In 2021, the Wingecarribee Shire Council that Mr Greenwood had long complained was mired in corruption finally came under the gaze of an official state government investigation looking into “allegations of financial mismanagement and deep-seated cultural issues.”

The Ultimate Christmas Stitch-Up

On 21 December, 2022, the NSW Terrorism Squad arrested Mr Greenwood and charged him with 27 offences, including assault police, intimidation and harassment. All the charges concern Mr Greenwood’s endeavour to hold corrupt police officers to account. None of the allegations made by the journalist have ever been disproved, and although the police have undertaken six investigations into his complaints, all six inquiries were shut down the moment investigating officers were provided with undeniable evidence of corruption.

Apparently, the only way the NSW Police Force can stop Mr Greenwood’s complaints about police corruption is to charge him with fraudulent offences.

On 22 December, at the Wollongong Local Court, the journalist applied for bail, and as part of the application, his solicitor informed the magistrate that most of the allegations were (allegedly) defamatory at worst, and not criminal matters. Magistrate Melissa Humphreys fully agreed by granting the journalist immediate bail. She also alluded to the fact that a lot of the charges were duplicated.

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But the police were desperate to have Mr Greenwood remanded, and members of the Terrorism Squad handed the prosecutor page after page of information in their attempt to have Mr Greenwood locked up until his trial which would not be held for some months. But the magistrate wasn’t having it, and even though Mr Greenwood had been arrested on ten charges of assaulting police, Her Honour was adamant the journalist would be set free.

The bail conditions were extraordinary. Even though Mr Greenwood had been charged with assaulting police, the journalist wasn’t required to report to police on a regular basis, as would be required under such circumstances. In fact, the prosecutor asked the magistrate for the following condition – “Adam Greenwood is not to contact any police officer whatsoever (except in the case of an emergency).”

There’s a very good reason the prosecutor called for such a bizarre condition – the police didn’t want Mr Greenwood complaining to the Commissioner of Police, Karen Webb, someone he’s been in regular contact with since she was elevated to the role in January 2022.

Adam Greenwood says his recent over-the-top arrest by the Terror Squad relates to his long-running campaign against corruption in the NSW Southen Highlands, which has included writing satirical songs about allegedly corrupt local councillors and police

Banned From Social Media

It would appear that sinister elements in the police force are trying to keep the commissioner in the dark about the latest charges against Mr Greenwood.

Other remarkable conditions relating to his bail include the following – “Mr Greenwood is forbidden from using social media”. The police have called for such a severe bail condition to stop the journalist from speaking out against the latest round of fabricated charges.

“The police are shutting down Adam Greenwood’s ability to expose what’s happening to him because the NSW Police Force doesn’t want the mainstream media picking up on the story,” revealed the police insider to True Crime News Weekly.

“The police have framed him for a bunch of new charges, very similar to the charges they’ve hit him with in the past. The fact they’re doing it by using the Terrorism Unit confirms he’s being set up by the highest ranking officers in the Executive Branch. The Commissioner herself could be behind it all.”

There’s no doubt that Adam Greenwood’s allegations of police corruption are real. The journalist has been complaining for far too many years now, for the allegations to be false. And rather than the police properly investigating his complaints to prove they’re been fabricated with malicious intent, the NSW Police Force is using the courts to mount a guerilla campaign against the journalist, attacking him with criminal litigation in the hope of destroying his life and reputation.

It has to be one of the worst cases of police harassment in the history of the NSW Police Force, and without any checks and balances in place, corrupt officers have free reign to frame Mr Greenwood any time they please.

The latest 27 trumped up charges are a good indication of how corrupt the NSW Police Force has become.


And it’s the ultimate proof that Mr Greenwood’s allegations of police corruption have been legitimate from the start.

When True Crime News Weekly sent a series of questions to NSW Police hierarchy as well as Commissioner Karen Webb about Mr Greenwood’s arrest we were fobbed off.

We had asked as to why the Terror Squad was bizarrely used in the arrest and whether police were simply trying to shut up someone they believe to be a pest and thorn in their side.

“As the matter remains before the court, we are unable to provide comment,” was the curt reply from a NSW Police media spokesperson.

Ms Webb did not respond to our questions.

NSW Police’s reticence to talk about Mr Greenwood’s arrest seems odd considering their usual love of publicity when it comes to parading supposed terrorists in front of the media.

Coming Soon: King Hit by Mummy and Clyde

In the next installment of Mr Greenwood’s remarkable story, we will report on how the Terror Squad seemingly conspired with the publishers of a local newspaper in Bowral to have the journalist picked up by cops as part of an orchestrated arrest.

The mother-and-son team – Jane and Christian King – deny any involvement, but there’s just too many coincidences involved, and based on the pair’s checkered past, there’s every indication the two of them may have ‘worked’ with corrupt police.

Yet this wild and absurd tale about one man’s campaign against police and political corruption in the NSW Southern Highlands has one more twist.

There’s also claims that at least one half of this mother-and-son publishing team have close links to a leading suspect in one of NSW’s most infamous unsolved murders: that of missing sex worker Revelle Balmain, believed to have been killed in late 1994 after going missing from Sydney’s eastern suburbs.

Mr Greenwood’s arrest needs to be seen in the correct context. As there’s plenty of reasons some people – crims and cops alike – may want to shut him up.

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