OLYMPICS BOUGHT OUT BY BILLIONAIRE GINA RINEHART! “Horrible” ad attracts derision & scorn after Gina admits to buying new friends in Swimming

EXCLUSIVE: Billionaire mining boss, Gina Rinehart, has admitted she needs to pay people to be her friends after spending millions on an Olympics ad widely scorned as “horrible” where helped along by racist Dawn Fraser the privileged mining heiress forces swimmers to say through gritted teeth how much she ‘inspires’ them as their patron of Swimming Australia.

If elite sport hadn’t already become the meaningless plaything of questionable billionaires the world over, the Olympics taking place in Tokyo are perhaps the final time anybody had even the slightest doubt.

As Japan’s capital city reels from what its Health Board has this week described as its worst ever Covid outbreak, seeing over 3,000 new infections per day as 3,000 people already struggle to breathe in Tokyo’s overcrowded hospitals, the fat cats of the bloated and corrupt Olympics movement have insisted the ‘bread and circuses‘ show must go on.

While Sydney faces a months-long lockdown with just over 200 new Covid infections per day, Tokyo has been told it must continue to accommodate this much tainted sporting affair as death and doom knocks on their doors.

How would Australians – some of whom are cheering on their sports heroes from afar- feel if the IOC forced a sporting carnival to take place in Sydney this month as Covid infections rise and the death toll increases and ordinary persons’ civil liberties and freedom of movement have been infringed?

The Tokyo Olympics were called off last year because of the initial Covid outbreak, and now with the even more dangerous variant of Delta floating around, it’s become a case of ‘nothing will stop us now‘ for the bureaucrats and money men.

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Million dollar sponsorships and the ad dollars of billion dollar companies is more important than the lives and health of everyday Japanese citizens, it seems.

It’s little wonder then, one local Australian billionaire is also doing their best during the Olympics to exploit people’s suffering one more time.

Step forward, the one and only Gina Rinehart.

Infamous for saying she would love for Aussies to work for $2 a day ‘just like Africans’, the mining heiress turned mining boss has finally admitted she has to pay people to be her friends and say nice things about her.

The proof is in a television advertisement airing during the Olympics coverage extolling Rinehart’s virtues as the patron Swimming Australia and the boss of mining company Hancock Prospecting.

“Our patron, Gina Rinehart, gives me the strength and leadership,” begins one female swimmer in a wooden voice through gritted teeth.

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“To be our best,” says celebrity athlete, Cody Simpson, to finish off the spiel.

The ads which portray mining as a glorious pursuit also feature former Olympian and current-day racist, Dawn Fraser.

The 90-second advertisements are running on Channel Seven every night during the Olympics.

True Crime News Weekly counted seeing the advertisement in three separate ad breaks in a row during coverage late one night this week. The ads are also running on Sky News on the regular.

The ad campaign is said to be costing Rinehart millions of dollars; chump change for her.

Social media users however have been quick to deride the ad, and pour scorn towards to it.

“Gina Rinehart really thinks these Swimming Australia ads are doing something other than making us all hate her more, huh,” said one man on Twitter.

Journalist Holly Byrnes was another who wasn’t a big fan.

“The Gina Rinehart ad should make any Australian vomit … we are egalitarian not,” she said on Twitter.

“Let’s prop the ego of a woman willing to sell us all out for her bottom line.”

Another Twitter user responded: “But the worst thing about the Olympics does remain the Gina Rinehart ads”.

Some of the reaction on Twitter to Gina Rinehart’s new Olympics ad (Image: Twitter / Supplied)

Another man felt let down by some of the athletes who agreed to be in it.

“My god those Gina Rinehart ads are tacky … And I expect this shit from Dawn Fraser … but Cody Simpson? He’s let us down.”

Mr Simpson – a swimmer as well as social media influencer and one-time boyfriend of singer Miley Cyrus – has previously portrayed himself as a committed environmentalist.

However, it seems a big bundle of cash may have changed his utopian ideals.

In a recent puff piece in The Australian, a PR representative for the mining boss admitted that along with her multi-million dollar sponsorship of Swimming Australia, Rinehart was also paying “a wage to every single member of the Australian swimming team for the Olympics, and even to many who didn’t make the team”.


Rinehart has been Swimming Australia’s chief sponsor since 2013.

It’s not only Swimming Australia which the deeply unpopular and stingy mining boss has bought out though.

Add to that list other Olympic sports such as rowing, volleyball and synchronised swimming.

Rinehart is now the patron or chief sponsor for all.

It is then likely we will hear barely a whimper from an athlete in any of these sports on matters of climate change, environmentalism or the cost of mining.

They’re all largely in Gina’s greedy pocket now.

If Covid wasn’t enough to make you choke, hey?

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