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Miles Hunt is a practising lawyer, writer and novelist as well as the founder of leading drugs reform NGO, Unharm.


  1. Thanks Miles, a great article and it’s all
    very true..
    Your insights, through your work, are
    also very interesting

    + Yes, women have been copping it
    for so long, throughout history,
    with little or no justice
    until now

    Thanks from me.ūüĎć

    I know that the vast majority of men
    out there, in this world are good.

  2. I’ve just subscribed and read this article. Thanks for writing on this important topic. Given your profession as a lawyer, it’s a wonder that you didn’t mention that the rate of false claims of sexual assault is no higher than for false reports of any other crimes. False criminal convictions are even lower. It’s not that they don’t happen, but the example you give in the article of the woman being exposed as a serial fraudster proves your point that it is difficult to make up such claims without being caught, and even more difficult to get a conviction based on a lie. While the article is more focused on workplace harassment rather than courts and police, it might have been worth mentioning false complaints and how many men ever end up serving jail time for complaints later proven to be false, i.e. “Innocent Project” type cases that are investigated and overturned, especially as you mention the widely held myth of the spurned woman and jilted lover taking revenge.

    The idea that sleazy bosses might not be getting enough at home may confuse the issue that sexual harassment is to do with sex rather than control. Just about every woman on the face of the earth can tell a bumbling, sincere sex-starved man making clumsy moves at work from a controlling opportunist predatory person in a position of power over them, because typically, not always, the behaviour and power dynamic is so different. Some women when they get to management level sexually harass men or other women because sexual harassment is a form of control.

    Even without statistics, thanks for making clear that for people making such allegations it is no fun and often cause significant loss. It was interesting to read a different perspective about MeToo, especially a different argument against the fear of innocent men being ruined..

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