OUR EYES CANNOT UNSEE THIS! Newcastle ‘nudie run’ ends in arrest for Year 12 students after brazen attempt to escape police while butt naked

EXCLUSIVE: A ‘nudie run’ through the town centre of Newcastle, NSW last night has cost three young men more than just their pride with the group arrested and then chased by police while attempting to escape when butt naked.

Friday night near Newcastle’s usually bustling Darby Street restaurant strip got a whole lot more risque yesterday evening after three young men decided to embark on a ‘nudie run’ through the centre of town on a cold, chilly night.

And fortunately for us, an eagle-eyed witness was there to see it all and even document it with some photos.

According to the witness who True Crime News Weekly has spoken with, the three young men were said to have run naked down Darby Street, near the Hunter Street end, only to then be intercepted by a police officer who was siting in a paddy wagon near the corner of King Street, about 50 metres from Newcastle Town Hall.

The incident occurred at about 7.30pm.

What may have begun as a night of joviality and high jinx quickly turned though into potential criminal records for all the young men involved.

“After about 10 minutes in police custody, another paddy wagon arrived and all three attempted escape, broke ranks and ran in opposite directions,” the witness told True Crime News Weekly.

“One was immediately detained and a policeman captured the second in the park opposite.”

The three men seen apprehended for the first time before they allegedly resisted arrest and tried to escape from police custody while naked (Image: Supplied)

The witness said due to the alleged behaviour of the men after being stopped by police, what may have initially been just a minor misdemeanour turned into something a little more serious.

“The situation escalated into violent arrest. The photo that was taken of the three lads sitting on the curb was taken before it happened. It appeared that the middle man was in an intense dialogue with the officer,” the witness said.

“There was a quick physical tussle at which point the second paddy wagon arrived and the other two took the opportunity to run in opposite directions.”

The witness said he saw one of the young men run across the road to Civic Park where he was apprehended minutes later and returned to the police vehicle.

One of the men captured by police after allegedly attempting to escape custody. We have respectfully provided a small black box to save the alleged culprit’s modesty (Image: Supplied)

Another of the men ran back towards Darby Street pursued by a police officer, according to the witness, before he lost sight of them.

Meanwhile, the third man was said to have not got too far before being apprehended by police.

“He was slammed into the front hood of the first vehicle,” the witness recalled. “He was restrained with force although it wasn’t in my opinion undue.”

‘Nudie run’ ends in arrest and shame (Image: Supplied)

The witness said what initially started out as a laugh could end up as no laughing matter for the men involved.

“I would be interested to see the arrest report as what may have been a misdemeanour escalated into something more serious: resisting arrest, leaving the scene and assaulting the police,” the witness said.

“This could have been an amusing footnote of the folly of youth but it became quite possibly serious criminal conduct that could follow them for life.”

When contacted by True Crime News Weekly, a spokesperson for NSW Police confirmed all three men had eventually been apprehended, after two of the boys did monentarily escape but soon after turned themselves in, probably because they felt guilty about letting their lone mate take the fall.

“Three males were seen to take their clothes off and walk naked down King Street,” the police spokesperson said.

“Police stopped them; however, while speaking with them, they ran away.  

“A 17-year-old boy was arrested after a short foot pursuit and taken to Newcastle Police station. Shortly after, two males – aged 17 and 18 – attended the station.

“The youths were dealt with under the Young Offenders Act and the man was issued with a warning.”

True Crime News Weekly commends the actions of NSW Police, both during the incident and also for their handling of the matter afterwards by not pressing more serious charges against the excited, amped-up boys.

NSW Police have reminded students finishing Year 12 that while muck-up pranks are part and parcel of leaving school and have a long tradition, young people should not engage in any behaviour that risks their welfare or the safety of others.

“The police are not here to spoil the fun, but they will take action if deemed necessary,” the spokesperson told True Crime News Weekly.

“Parents should speak to their children beforehand and encourage them to consider their plans carefully and not take action that could affect their final exams, or ultimately, their future.”

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