OUR HEARTS BREAK! In tribute to True Crime News Weekly writer Katya Gladiadis

I keep on dying again.
Veins collapse, opening like the
Small fists of sleeping
Memory of old tombs,
Rotting flesh and worms do
Not convince me against
The challenge. The years
And cold defeat live deep in
Lines along my face.
They dull my eyes, yet
I keep on dying,

Because I love to live.

– Maya Angelou, The Lesson

IN TRIBUTE: It is with immense sadness we are in the unfortunate position to confirm the passing of one of our own. Aged just 28, True Crime News Weekly contributor, Katya Gladiadis, died last month from a serious medical condition having also faced brain cancer in recent years. Our publisher, Serkan Ozturk, pays his respects.

She was our resident serial killer expert.

But it was that medical serial killer – cancer – which cruelly got her.

Aged just 28, True Crime News Weekly contributor, Katya Gladiadis, died in Brisbane in late June following complications related to a serious medical condition.

Katya had been in hospital since mid-May with doctors not quite sure of the root cause of her condition.

She had told us she was suffering from a low platelet count, also known as thrombocytopenia, which prevents clotting from occurring as normal.

For the two years before, Katya had undergone chemotherapy, radiation therapies and surgery after she had been diagnosed with brain cancer.

Some cancers themselves can eventually cause thrombocytopenia, while it is thought chemotherapy can also sometimes cause the condition.

Katya had only joined our team earlier this year, in January.

She had said it was an opportunity for her to get back into regular writing.

A fan of true crime documentaries and tv shows, Katya had a self-admitted “minor obsession with trench coats thanks to Robert Stack” from Unsolved Mysteries fame. It goes without saying, she had a wicked sense of humour.

A graduate of the University of New England, Katya had left with a Bachelor of Arts, having majored in history and writing.

She also had an intense interest in behavioural and abnormal psychology, studying related subjects throughout her time at the university.


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During her studies, she was also a much-loved volunteer with TUNE!FM, the University of New England’s campus radio station in Armidale.

While there, she arranged a radio theatre show and wrote a detective series set after World War One.

As she told us the series was “historically accurate to Armidale but the writing and story was completely bonkers”.

OUR HEARTS BREAK! In tribute to True Crime News Weekly writer Katya Gladiadis

Fearless: Katya Gladiadis with her husband Maul Hewish in September 2018 (Image: Facebook / Supplied)

OUR HEARTS BREAK! In tribute to True Crime News Weekly writer Katya Gladiadis

Katya with a ‘mugshot’ in 2016 while taking part in a prohibition-era murder mystery set in a speakeasy
(Image: Facebook / Supplied)

She had also been working on a Twin Peaks-style scriptwriting project regarding disappearances of people within Australia, implicating and weaving in several phenomena from around the world.

Away from her interests in writing and true crime, Katya was also a talented jewellery maker and could be found regularly at local arts and craft markets.

After illness had delayed her planned May wedding, Katya would end up marrying the love of her life, writer and artist Maul Hewish, just before her life force was tragically and untimely extinguished from this world.

From everyone connected with True Crime News Weekly, we would like to pass on our deepest sympathies to Katya’s family, friends and everyone whose lives had been lucky enough to come into contact with her spirit and energy.

She was a special talent and human being, taken too soon from all of us.

Her potential will reside in us and drive us to do better. Rest in peace Katya Gladiadis. We will not forget you.




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  1. God needed a special Angel and chose Katya RIP To Maul family friends & work mates who are hurting be rest assured Katya is watching over you Sincere sympathy Carole Ann

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