PATIENT PM ZERO! Scott Morrison fails & endangers Australia after bringing back Delta strain of Covid from recent UK trip

EXCLUSIVE: Prime Minister Scott Morrison has personally endangered the entire Australian populace after contracting the dangerous Delta strain of Covid while on a needless trip to the UK recently, taken ostensibly as a guest watcher of the G7 economic-political summit but believed by many as a desperate opportunity to meet with his British-based electoral public relations team to shore up a failing leadership.

It can be revealed exclusively by True Crime News Weekly that the reason for Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s bizarre public disappearance over the past week is because he has been forced to isolate after contracting the dangerous Delta strain of the Covid virus while in the UK last month.

Morrison’s latest disappearing act comes as Sydney faces an extended lockdown and its greatest test since the Covid pandemic made its way to Australian shores, largely thanks to the Ruby Princess debacle last year.

Now, there may be some out there who want to claim our journalism is nothing more than a wild conspiracy theory.

But it’s public record and fact that Covid was being transmitted at the G7 Summit held in Cornwall in England and that even those who had been previously vaccinated were picking up the dangerous Delta strain.

If you don’t wish to believe the integrity of True Crime News Weekly perhaps you may want to hear from the well-known BBC journalist and television presenter, Andrew Marr, who has written a personal account of contracting Covid while covering the G7 Summit.


Of most interest to us is that just like Morrison, Marr too had previously received two doses of the Pfizer vaccine.

Writing for the BBC website just over a week ago, Marr described the onset of the Delta strain of Covid as first starting off like a “a summer cold”.

“I can’t be sure – but working back, I’m pretty clear I caught the Delta variant of coronavirus during the summit of G7 (Group of Seven) nations, in Cornwall, probably on Sunday 13 June,” Marr states.

“Two days after my first symptoms, I began to feel seriously ill.

“I had a high temperature, muscle ache, the shakes, a bad headache and flu-like cold symptoms.

“I couldn’t smell anything – not aftershave, not coffee, nothing.

“I kept starting books and giving them up and creeping back to bed again for yet another sleep.”

Morrison’s jaunt to the UK saw him take about 20 of his staff with him and even included an “innocent” side trip of tracing the genealogy and personal family history of the PM and visits to the graves of his dead ancestors.

Officially, the reason for Morrison’s visit to the UK was to be some kind of guest watcher of the G7 Summit.

ANALYSIS: WHAT A D*CKHEAD! Scott Morrison doesn’t deny bringing back Covid from UK after finally coming out of hiding looking tired & short of breath as Pfizer admits vaccine doesn’t protect from Delta strain

Australia isn’t even a member nation of the G7, so it was considered odd Morrison was so determined to be there during the middle of a dangerous pandemic, in which the UK has been one of the hardest hit regions of the world.

Those in the know though believe Morrison’s true reason to visit the UK was to meet with his British-based electoral public relations team, including Topham Guerin, to help shore up his failing leadership, as his prime ministership continues to be rocked by alleged rape cover-ups followed by vaccination and economic f*ck-ups after another.

True Crime News Weekly sent questions to PM Morrison and his team on whether the prime minister or any member of his staff or family contracted the Delta strain of Covid while in the UK recently.

We did not receive a response; not even a cheap denial.

It usually takes a lot to shut up the publicity-hungry, flimsy marketing man but Covid seems to have well and truly done the job for Scott Morrison.

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