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  1. From my understanding, the Commonwealth Government had superior or at least equivalent jurisdiction under The Federal Biosecurity Act over all the issues surrounding the Ruby Princess and any other foreign vessel entering Australian ports. It seem they were unwilling to act. There is a good need to discover why.

  2. Very disappointing to see authorities in NSW pay such little respect for the health of Australians with the Ruby Princess fiasco.

    • Indeed many chickens coming to roost, which is where dynial, lies and conflict of interest do. Religious interests running the Australian Govt.

  3. Crime Minister Sco Mugabe heads up a bunch of criminal Mass Murderers that are inept and guilty of gross negligence. The Ruby Princess notified Australian authorities two days before it landed in Sydney from New Zealand , that some passengers on board had flu like symptoms.
    The Port Authority in Sydney refused to allow passengers to depart until they were all cleared to do so.
    A couple of hours later 2700 passengers disembarked and went out into the population and overseas to spread the disease. Over 30 per cent of those diagnosed with the disease can all be traced back to these passengers.
    Gross negligence and murder on a grand scale is being played out, and our leaders like Scotty from Marketing and Wrong Button Dutton are missing in action and quick to shift any blame. They have the NSW Police investigators looking into who is culpable for this disaster.
    Bet your bottom dollar that any report won’t see the light of day and they blame others.
    Just like Mcfailre Cash, Angus Garrad Taylor, Beetrooter Barnaby and Bridget McKenzie were mysteriously exempt from further investigation.
    Their all a bunch of teflon coated criminals, only now their mass murderers as well.
    And some moron thinks their doing a good job.! Tell that to the bereaved and betrayed Australian public.!!!

  4. Regardless of what state and federal government people say, Carnival Cruises should NOT receive any help from ANY government around the world. Meanwhile, we can only hope that the police investigation has the balls to investigate ALL leads (govmint and Hillsongish)

    • Remember though this NSW police chief is a friend of Scummo and looks after his garbage bins and he refuses to investigate this Government as we saw with the forged letter to Clover Moore.

  5. Has the police commissioner’s huge sudden recent payrise had any bearing on this matter, I had thought it unthinkable previously ,but this government has proved such a rat’s nest that the unthinkable is an almost daily occurrence.

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