PLEASE EXPLAIN! One Nation won’t deny their candidates are FAKE and corrupting Australia’s democratic process

EXCLUSIVE: Racist political party One Nation has come under the microscope for possibly not fielding bona fide candidates in a range of electorates across Australia. Standing in the blue ribbon Sydney seat of Wentworth, Dean Fisher happens to be just yet another one of those seemingly invisible candidates. Yael Grunseit investigates.

Just today, the ABC has released an investigation on the “ghost candidates” of One Nation, claiming that there are over a dozen ghosts haunting the seats of NSW, Victoria and the ACT. These politicians are those who have not been seen or heard during this year’s election. Spooky stuff. 

True Crime News Weekly can now add yet another of these not-so-friendly ghosts to the mix.

It can be revealed that there is absolutely no trace of Dean Fisher, the One Nation candidate for the coveted seat of Wentworth. No photos, no internet presence and sadly he has not been spotted strolling along the sandy shores of Bondi Beach only stopping to kiss babies.

True Crime News Weekly and the rest of Australia are left wondering, does Dean Fisher actually exist?  

True Crime News Weekly tried our best to gather more intel on the ghost candidate Dean Fisher, however numerous phone calls to One Nation offices went answered.

Calls to National head office and then to the NSW headquarters of One Nation just resulted in phone lines ringing out.

Eventually it was Pauline Hanson’s parliamentary office in Brisbane that took our call. It proved to be extremely useful. When asked if Dean Fisher is a real candidate, the office spook responded:  

“I have no idea … I wouldn’t know who was running to be honest.” 

“I have no idea so why are you asking me, I have no idea.”  

“There is no point asking somebody who doesn’t know … You should know this as a journalist, go to the source, I have no idea.”  

True Crime News Weekly assured the parliamentary office that we tried! But we had to ask one more time: where’s Dean Fisher? The parliamentary officer didn’t care and eventually angrily hung up on us mid-sentence.  


The unwillingness to answer questions paired with the complete absence of so many candidates forces True Crime News Weekly to believe that there is a serious corruption of the democratic process at play. One Nation are taking the piss out of productive political systems. Their party is showing a complete lack of care for this country’s democratic processes and all of the citizens which politicians, even their own bigoted ones, should represent.  

To better understand whether ghost candidates legally can run in elections, True Crime News Weekly got on the blower to the bureaucrats who are meant to be looking at all this, the Australian Electoral Commission. When asked about the issues concerning One Nation the AEC confirmed that several serious reports had already been made.  

 “We’ve had multiple reports of this happening,” an AEC spokesperson said. “It is strange.”  

The AEC were quick to assure us that Dean Fisher is actually a citizen of Australia. This does make it legal for him to run for election.   

“I can confirm that we look at every single candidate that is running to make sure they are a real person,” the AEC spokesperson said.

The AEC went on to clarify that a candidate does not have to live in the electorate they are running for. As the ABC reported this week, the One Nation candidate for the seat of Mallee, Vanessa Atkinson, lives 1,500 kilometres away from the electorate, near Bundaberg in Queensland.  

True Crime News Weekly asked the AEC that with so many reports about ghost candidates, were they worried about a possible corruption of the political process.

“We are absolutely concerned,” the AEC spokesperson said.

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Yael Grunseit is an intern with True Crime News Weekly. She is interested in the manipulation of power in politics, the justice system and Australian culture. She is finishing up her degree in Philosophy and English at the University of Sydney where she has focused on creative writing. Her work has previously appeared in Voiceworks and Shirley Magazine, with a forthcoming chapbook being published by Harbor Editions.

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