RACIST DOLE BLUDGER GONE! Queen Elizabeth II: the ‘lovable’ face of British elitism & colonialism carks it

OBITUARY: She was supposedly ‘beloved’ by millions, but in reality she was an in-breeding, racist gambler bore who relied on government handouts and welfare while protecting paedophiles. This loving tribute to Queen Elizabeth II from Gary Johnston.

It’s sad when someone dies. Sad for the family, that is, for their friends, the people who knew them. But, it’s part of life. The issue of a birth certificate is a guarantee that at some time in the future, a death certificate will inextricably follow.

An old woman has died. I didn’t know her, never met her, I’ve no idea what she was like as a person and as such, I’m not grieving. Why would I?

But here, in the UK and I suspect in Australia, the mainstream media has gone full on brown nose, curtesy, bow and scrape for Queen Elizabeth the Second, ‘mother of the nation and the Commonwealth’, a ‘constant and reassuring presence’, a ‘symbol of duty’, God save the queen, don’t let the flies get in.

It’s a nonsense.

Separate, for a moment, the person from the principle.

The concept of monarchy – of any monarchy – is absurd. Any system which – as a result of hereditary birth – puts an entirely unelected person at the head of a country – countries – especially one 12,000 kms away – is a blatant insult to democracy. A creepy, suckhole salute to the past not the future, a tacit acknowledgment of breeding over effort.

In Scotland, where the ex-Queen breathed her last, it’s slightly less of a grief fest, though in Edinburgh where I am today, the so called royal mile between Holyrood Palace and Edinburgh Castle is strewn with flowers, visibly moulting in the rain.

Tomorrow I’m going to London where already the professional mourners are gathering, nursing their confected anguish for someone they never knew, a la Princess Di and the Queen Mother, confirming the hold the Windsor soap opera has on public sympathy.

It’s second-hand grief, as far removed from the real thing as as margarine is from butter.

‘I can’t believe it’s not sorrow’.

Yesterday it was the newscasters’ sombre tones and black ties. Today, it’s national grieving. Tomorrow or some time in the future it’ll be commemorative teaspoons, lifelike dolls and other tacky nick knacks. Get your order in now. A lifetime of easy terms. You’ll be paying for them for the rest of your life.

Believing in Kings and Queens is the stuff of fairytales. Most of us left that behind when our adult teeth grew in. The monarchy is no more no less than a tool of the ruling classes, allowing them to purport the myth that breeding and history is entitlement justification.

The Windsors habitually moan that the media is obtrusive and insensitive. Are you kidding me? Without the media the whole house of cards would have collapsed years ago. “Symbol of devotion and duty”.

Do me a favour. At best, its a breezy soapie. At its worst, a turgid melodrama.

An institution which defines privilege and prerogative. The dead queen’s main interest was horse racing and gambling, everything else was secondary. She used her government handouts to bet. If she hadn’t been a royal, she’d have been a chav. Mother of the nation? Hardly.

Almost all of her kids have become screw-ups or fuck-ups with pedo-in-chief, Andrew formerly known as Prince, at the top of the pile. Don’t forget, she was the one who sanctioned the millions of dollars paid to Andrew’s alleged victim. I say ‘sanctioned’ because the money didn’t come out of the Queen’s purse.

It came out of ours – the taxpayer.

Whether the behaviour of her children was a result of nurture or in-breeding, we can’t be sure.

Then there was old Jimmy Savile knighted under her watch while he was raping dead children in insane asylums and chumming it up with the royals despite all those pesky ‘rape rumours’.

Then there’s the racism, the Nazi sympathies and, personal viewpoints aside, the fact that the monarchy is – in and of itself symbolic of oppression. With its lumbering protocol, its privilege, its mere existence is Establishment writ large. She even had the law changed so the UK’s Discrimination Act wouldn’t apply to her. Why would she want to hire a ‘black’? A true person of the people.

And so, in accordance with the farcical right of succession, we are delivered of King Charles III.

Big shoes to fill, we can only hope he has the feet to do it. He’s certainly got the ears.

The last two King Charles – the first and second of that ilk – certainly set the tone.

The first was beheaded and the second fathered 13 children, but, as they were all illegitimate, he was unable to provide an heir.

It’s a farce and the obsequies nothing more than a contrivance which ensures the privileged stay privileged and poverty, oppression and inequality prevails.

The continuing relevance of any royal is a triumph of the public relations industry, and no more. My elderly neighbour is sick at the moment. I’ll save my sympathy for Thea.

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Gary Johnston is an author, academic and former parole officer with decades of experience in the criminal justice system. He is True Crime News Weekly's Deputy Editor and Melbourne correspondent. His book 'No Previous Conviction' was published in May 2017 and is available on Amazon.

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  1. Go, you good thing, Gary. Right now, I’m watching Anthony “John Howard” Albanese on ABC Insiders, doing his 127th full prostration grovelling cringe, in just three days flat.

    Bet on it now. At the end of Albanese’s timid and undistinguished tenure, Australia will still have (a) a King Charles as head of state (b) six colonial State Governors reporting back to the Palace (c) a British national flag (d) a British national day.

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