REVEALED! Mike Baird stops caring for ‘sick family’ to work as bank honcho instead

EXCLUSIVE: True Crime News Weekly reveals the amount of dollars it took former NSW premier, Mike Baird, to stop ‘caring’ for his sick family and work full-time for a bank instead only a month after retiring from politics.

Widely derided as being in the pocket of Big Business and property developers, recently retired NSW premier, Mike Baird, will find it a little more difficult to shake off that dastard ‘Casino Mike’ nickname after taking a high-paying job with a bank only a month after retiring from politics ostensibly to take care of a sick family.

It has been announced this week that Mr Baird will join Australian banking giant NAB as its chief customer officer for the lender’s corporate and institutional banking unit.

Mr Baird’s new role will primarily see him act as a lobbyist for NAB.

True Crime News Weekly can reveal that the former NSW premier’s new job comes with a seven-figure salary, a fact that has upset some NAB employees.

True Crime News Weekly has been told Mr Baird will receive a $1 million base salary on a package that could see him earn about $2 – $4 million in one year with shares and other bonuses.

It’s a significant pay increase for Mr Baird who was earning just under $360,000 a year as premier of NSW.

“Keep this between you and me so far,” one source within the bank revealed a few hours before the news was made public. “But apparently Mike Baird is coming to NAB as chief customer officer on a 1m a year package.”

Another source described other employees within NAB as feeling “disgusted” by Mr Baird’s appointment which is due to commence in mid-April.

“And chief customer officer is basically someone who’s supposed to listen to the customer and care for them,” the source told True Crime News Weekly. “What a crock!”

True Crime News Weekly was also provided with a screenshot of the bank’s official internal welcome message for Mr Baird.

“Since we made changes to our organisational structure last year, we have been doing a global search for talented leaders who can help us accelerate our execution of the One NAB Plan. Today we are announcing three exciting new appointments to our Executive Leadership Team,” the message on NAB’s corporate intranet reads.

Mr Baird had previously spent 17 years working in corporate and institutional banking roles, after commencing an internship with NAB and then working for Deutsche Bank and HSBC, before entering politics in 2007.

NOT HAPPY JAN! NAB told staff about Mike Baird’s appointment through its intranet

Mr Baird’s popularity as premier of NSW plummeted over the space of 12 months following controversial decisions that opponents and members of the public viewed as kowtowing to corporate interests over community interests; including continuing on with Lockout Laws that aided Star City casino, anti-protest laws that benefited large mining companies, the unpopular WestConnex road project, and handing over prime public land at Barangaroo to billionaire James Packer to build a casino while destroying housing commission homes at The Rocks and nearby.

When Mr Baird retired from politics in late January of this year, the Liberal Party stalwart used his ‘sick’ family as reason for his ‘shock’ retirement.

“My father and my mother and my sister are going through a very serious health challenge and, to be honest, at times I have been in pain not being able to spend the time that I should,” Mr Baird said at the time.

“From a family point of view these are tough times.

“I don’t want to over dramatise it, there are families facing far tougher circumstances than I am, but like any son, you want to support your parents where you can, or your sister or your brother.”

True Crime News Weekly has never bought the official story for Mr Baird’s retirement but believes he was pushed from the top job by other individuals within the Liberal Party who were motivated by falling voter support and were intent on leaking malicious information about Mr Baird’s conduct if he did not choose to go himself and fall on his sword. At least that way, his reputation would not have been so tarnished that there wouldn’t be that nice banking job waiting a few weeks later.



REVEALED! Mike Baird stops caring for 'sick family' to work as bank honcho instead

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