ROYAL RAIL RUMBLE! Bloody fight on Sydney train between city worker & drunk ends with a man hug

EXCLUSIVE: An impromptu battle royale between a blabbering drunk and a fed-up office worker aboard a suburban Sydney train has ultimately ended up with man hugs all round but only after fists went flying and blood was spilt during the weekday public transport commute.

A video of the violent and ultimately baffling mid-week encounter on a train from Sydney to Newcastle was uploaded to social media sites by a witness in the early hours of Wednesday, January 31.

According to the footage, a fight breaks out between an apparently alcohol-affected middle-aged man in a blue singlet and a lone seated male passenger, who seems to be aged in mid-20s to early 30s.


Frustrated by the singleted man’s drunken ranting, the male commuter tells his loud co-passenger to: “Fuck off, you junkie!”

In response, the singleted man says:

“I’m not a junkie, you fuckwit … You’re an evil fucken bastard cunt.”

He is then warned by the seated man to move away.

“Fuck right back off to your carriage … You’re on camera now,” the frustrated commuter says.

The drunk man responds: “We’re on camera all the time”.

With aggression levels rising, the singleted man then makes an offer to the commuter while prodding his chest.

“I’m a fair man. I’ll detain you and get the cops on you,” he says.

The commuter doesn’t take too kindly to that move and launches into an attack after first saying, “Mate, you just fucken hit me”.

A flurry of fists connect to the face of the singleted man, who however then begins to fight back resulting in the men flying into seats as other passengers make a hasty exit from the carriage.

After a minute or two of intense grappling, the men come to an uneasy pause and stand off against each other while looking at the blood and cuts they have heaped upon each other in a few moments of madness.

The men then surprisingly hug each other as befuddled passengers let out “Awwws” of endearment.

“I’m just trying to get fucken home,” the younger man says, now with his shirt ripped open.

“I’ve got work in the morning. I don’t want this shit.”

The witness who filmed the footage has told True Crime News Weekly the brawl occurred almost as soon as the train left central Sydney but it apparently ended up in some kind of friendship.

“The fight happened basically as the train took off,” the witness said. 

“After the fight, the two people basically sat next to each other for the rest of the trip beginning their own little bro-mance.”


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