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  1. Thanks Serkan.
    It would appear the LNP/IPA is a protection racket/pack of apologists for the most base and vile of behaviours.
    We owe it to ourselves to support those who will stand against the party.

  2. Thank you for this article. I’m glad I discovered TCNW.

    The alleged victim was white, apparently from a wealthy background, socially well-connected and very intelligent. And this matter is still being swept under the carpet. Imagine how difficult it is for non-white and poor women who are being abused. The government is failing all women and male sexual assault victims.

  3. Sad to read that the High Court decision in the Pell case may have affected the alleged victim. I remember how sick I felt when I heard it. And all the media sycophants trying to protect Pell. It’s so similar. And now we wake up to the news that the Aust gov have ties with the military in Myanmar.

  4. Porter said he’s been subject to wild speculations on social media but claimed he was hearing allegations at the press conference for the first time. None of the reporters asked him anything new that hadn’t been discussed on social media. Who does this guy think he is.

  5. My extended family on both sides is Catholic and I know 5 men who were sexually abused as boys and one other who narrowly escaped by fighting back. One of the abused was 19 who committed suicide after being threatened by a priest just before the case went to court. None of the others have ever reported it to the police. When you see the way women are treated when they come forward you can’t blame people for living in silence.

  6. The MSM care more about losing control over their media empires than they do about what happened to Kate Thornton, Brittany Higgins and others.

  7. Can someone explain to me how allegedly strangling someone is the normal behaviour of teenagers as some in the media would have it. That is really degrading and demeaning to men to think that rape and strangulation is boys being boys. Maybe it is in these exclusive schools. There needs to be an investigation into these little breeding grounds of power.

  8. Over the course of their careers a lot of lawyers get to know criminals pretty well. Be easy enough for a job done.

  9. The sniveling faux press conference was undignified for the first law officer of the commonwealth regarding such a serious matter.

  10. what people might be missing is that there is a bullying and sexual assault culture in a lot of these schools, and the people that survive it wonder why others can’t. They don’t realize that they’ve lost their kindness and decency in the process of surviving the culture of assault.

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