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    • Exactly but seems gutless power brokers, attorney general stick a head in the sand. Wake up people – Adrian Aldous

  1. Shane Dowling did more than merely publish :”allegations” of corruption and paedophilia among the NSW judiciary. Dowling named individual judges as actually BEING corrupt and/or actually BEING “known paedophiles”. He did this without naming the Court cases where findings of corruption or paedophilia were made against the judges concerned. He did this without naming a single individual child who had suffered sexual abuse at the hands of judges named by him. Dowling’s standard methodology is breathtaking for its childish stupidity. Dowling will basically send an email, for example, to a judge that he considers might be a paeophile or corrupt. When the judge concerned fails to respond to Dowling’s email, or fails to institute defamation proceedings against him, Dowling will use such failure as “proof” of paedophilia or corruption. And now that a judge has finally instituted proceedings against him, Dowling suddenly screams that he has been unfairly and unjustly targetted simply for exercising free speech. Nonsense. Dowling is not a journalist – he is a blogger.. (He said as much in an interview earlier this year.) If Dowling was truly a journalist, he would conduct his blog in a more professional and more intelligent manner.

  2. John makes a good argument but is the issue defamation because I’ve not heard of anyone going to jail for that before.

    • The crime is his contempt of court by refusing to follow court orders relating to the defamation findings. He seems to have less respect for the law even than he does for the privacy of people around whom he invents his fantasies.

      Shane Dowling really is a nutter. He makes money through authorship of conspiracy theories, inevitably targeting villains who happen to have previously inconvenienced his efforts to fill the internet with blithering nonsense.

      The lives of others are cheap to Shane Dowling, as are the rantings on his blog. He chooses his reality based purely on it’s relationship to his ego. Surely it’s a matter of time before the public’s appetite for such drivel is overwhelmed? There is such abundance of this junk food for inquiring minds.

  3. Yep. DOWLING is no hero. He does NOT stand for justice. He doesn’t give a hoot about others, it’s all about him.
    What relation is he to Jim Dowling?

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