SENT TO THE SLAMMER AGAIN! Kangaroo Court journo Shane Dowling jailed for 18 months for public campaign against “paedophile judges”

The controversial journalist, Shane Dowling, has been sent to prison for contempt of court for the second time in less than 12 months, this time over his public campaign to name and shame alleged “paedophile judges” and other members of the judiciary who he claims are corrupt.

Mr Dowling was sentenced to 18 months imprisonment by Justice Helen Wilson in the Supreme Court in Sydney on Wednesday, August 22.

The maverick journalist who publishes the popular Kangaroo Court of Australia website has been ordered to serve at least 13 months of the sentence.

Mr Dowling has now however called upon his supporters to contact members of the Australian government and other politicians to lobby for his release.

He argues he shouldn’t be in prison as he was only exercising his right to free speech and political communication.

“Raising allegations of judicial corruption is political communication and protected under the Australian constitution as per the 1997 High Court of Australia precedent Lange v ABC,” Mr Dowling said.

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Mr Dowling says he was charged with contempt of court after he “repeated in court on the 3rd of February 2017 part of an article he had published and also for publishing an article about the contempt proceedings in breach of suppression orders”.

According to one witness who claims to have been present at the Supreme Court during Mr Dowling’s sentencing, the journalist was apparently mocked as “a loser” for his crusade for greater transparency in Australia’s justice system.

“There were times during the summing up when Shane was ridiculed by the judge, as a loser reduced to living in a boarding house. A loser who, due to his intransigence in defying suppression orders of the court, had rendered himself unemployed. She alluded to him as an unstable mental retard, deserving of no mercy by the court, but one to be made an example of for his defiance,” the witness stated.

“Reference was made by her to his previous incarceration of four months for a similar offence, by accusing him during this time, of attempting to manipulate the prison system by faking illness in order to have access to alternative milk supplies, while in the prison system.”

Mr Dowling has had a taste of freedom for less than a year, following a four month sentence for contempt of court served late last year.

In that case, Mr Dowling was sent to prison for defying court orders not to publish the names of two well-known female Network Seven employees who are alleged to have had sexual affairs with the media company’s boss, Tim Worner.

The suppression order was related to the public dispute involving former Seven employee Amber Harrison, whom Worner had carried out a cocaine-fuelled sexual affair with before a falling out.

Journalist Shane Dowling says he shouldn’t be in prison as he was only exercising his rights to free speech and political communication (Image: Supplied)

True Crime News Weekly respects the general authority of the courts in Australia, but surely something is twisted when a journalist asking some questions is sent to prison for 18 months, while a high-profile paedophile enabler such as Adelaide’s now former Archbishop, Philip Wilson, is given a 12 month holiday at his sister’s home after being found guilty of covering up the ongoing sexual abuse of young children?

Perhaps Mr Dowling’s campaign against so-called “paedophile judges” – unhinged as it may seem to some – isn’t so far off the mark.

Mr Dowling’s friends and family will be looking after his popular website as he bides his time in prison.



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    • Exactly but seems gutless power brokers, attorney general stick a head in the sand. Wake up people – Adrian Aldous

  1. Shane Dowling did more than merely publish :”allegations” of corruption and paedophilia among the NSW judiciary. Dowling named individual judges as actually BEING corrupt and/or actually BEING “known paedophiles”. He did this without naming the Court cases where findings of corruption or paedophilia were made against the judges concerned. He did this without naming a single individual child who had suffered sexual abuse at the hands of judges named by him. Dowling’s standard methodology is breathtaking for its childish stupidity. Dowling will basically send an email, for example, to a judge that he considers might be a paeophile or corrupt. When the judge concerned fails to respond to Dowling’s email, or fails to institute defamation proceedings against him, Dowling will use such failure as “proof” of paedophilia or corruption. And now that a judge has finally instituted proceedings against him, Dowling suddenly screams that he has been unfairly and unjustly targetted simply for exercising free speech. Nonsense. Dowling is not a journalist – he is a blogger.. (He said as much in an interview earlier this year.) If Dowling was truly a journalist, he would conduct his blog in a more professional and more intelligent manner.

  2. John makes a good argument but is the issue defamation because I’ve not heard of anyone going to jail for that before.

    • The crime is his contempt of court by refusing to follow court orders relating to the defamation findings. He seems to have less respect for the law even than he does for the privacy of people around whom he invents his fantasies.

      Shane Dowling really is a nutter. He makes money through authorship of conspiracy theories, inevitably targeting villains who happen to have previously inconvenienced his efforts to fill the internet with blithering nonsense.

      The lives of others are cheap to Shane Dowling, as are the rantings on his blog. He chooses his reality based purely on it’s relationship to his ego. Surely it’s a matter of time before the public’s appetite for such drivel is overwhelmed? There is such abundance of this junk food for inquiring minds.

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