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Serkan Ozturk is an investigative journalist and the publisher and editor of True Crime News Weekly. His journalism has previously been featured by the likes of RT News, Sydney Morning Herald and Crikey. He is a member of the MEAA.


  1. So you are going to defame him with a TEXT from an unnamed source based on HEARSAY and no evidence whatsoever? If a girl has had an abortion, don’t you think she would be suffering enough without you reporting it? What are your ethics and morals here? Who is the party source? Name them. If they believe what they are saying is so true. This is not just about Barnaby – it involves his family and if you are right, and there is a junior staffer involved, then her as well. Honestly, you are absolutely disgusting to stoop to this level based on ill-informed sources and misplaced moral indignation.

    • fassa wanker, get off your (NP) high horse; the girl wasn’t named, either was the woman whom allegedly had an abortion. Only the lying Kiwi alcoholic pervy stalker was named so wot’s yer problem?

    • Whatever ! Just put it down to “Cow Karma”, from our Aussie cows that he oversaw being smashed unconscious with continuous blows to the head and leg arteries slit and bleeding to death, and then accusing Labor of ruining the export trade because they simply wanted to look into the actions SEEN ON FILM, or are you saying these are false allegations also. Karma to you too, you redneck parasite.

    • Rampant hypocrisy, showing he puts on a facade to win votes
      Woeful lack of judgement in asking for free rent in wealthy they mates house, huge conflict of interest
      Clearly beholden to Gina and other big interests.
      Why don’t rusted on supporters see these things ?

    • another defender of the totally politically corrupt national party, wasting your time Fassa, the nats will be just a faint memory after the 2019 election tsunami as will the liberals and good riddance voters say

    • The stories of Joyces drunken harassment of young girls is common knowledge in the upper hunter and has been talked about for several years particularly this one, the story is that when the mother of this girl complained to party officials she was told to shut up or there would be severe consequences to her business, and its also said that others that made similar complaints were treated in the same fashion by Joyce`s local branch and opinion is that the same threats were used against the woman in Western Australia to shut her up and drop her harassment complaint.

  2. Look at these LNP reptiles taking away all our rights and access and redistributing the wealth of this country to their mates and families! Then sitting in judgement of good and honest people while taking bribes and making laws to crush the workers! Barn animal Juice deserves all he gets the disgraceful excuse for a man that he is … do us all a favor you pathetic mutt

  3. This is devastating, and as usual the media is deathly in its silence. And “our ABC”, which has gifted Joyce so much free publicity for years (I’m talking to you, Tony Jones) has displayed complete cowardice and avoided this LEGITIMATE story and effectively shielded this hypocritical sexual predator from criticism. What a disgrace. I congratulate TrueCrimes for this outstanding expose. Clearly, you’re punching above your weight. I hope people will finally start disabusing themselves of the sentimental claptrap that politicians and other powerful figures are “only human” and should be left alone or forgiven when they get caught.

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