SLEAZY MORALS! More than 50 private school boys under police gaze for sharing rape video of teen girl

A teenage boy who attends one of Australia’s most exclusive private schools is alleged to have raped an unconscious 15-year-old girl while his friend filmed the attack at a party in Sydney’s east and more than 50 other schoolboys viewed and shared the sickening footage.

The scandal engulfing the Cranbrook School in the city’s prestigious eastern suburbs has seen NSW Police charge a 15-year-old student from the male-only boarding school with aggravated sexual assault, with his 15-year-old friend who attends the selective public school Rose Bay Secondary College being charged with filming the sexual assault and sharing the video on social media.

The incident occurred during the weekend of the Sydney Mardi Gras in early March at a party in Bellevue Hill – the same ritzy suburb where the Cranbrook School is situated.

Detectives are now investigating more than 50 schoolboys who attend the elite private school and either received the video or viewed it.

There have been calls for the boys who viewed or shared the video to all be charged with child pornography offences.

The 15-year-old Rose Bay Secondary College student alleged to have filmed the rape (Daily Telegraph)

According to reports from the Daily Telegraph, the young female victim was unaware that she had even been raped at the party as she had passed out. She only became aware of the sexual assault when she saw the footage of the incident on social media.

It was teachers at the Cranbrook School who got police involved almost two weeks after the alleged rape took place after hearing playground chatter about the video.

Schools across the Sydney’s east have been warned the footage may still be circulating online and have called upon their students to not view the video but to instead report it to police and a trusted adult and then delete it.

The NSW Department of Education has declined to comment on the involvement of the public schoolboy from Rose Bay Secondary College who filmed the alleged sexual assault due to his case currently being heard in children’s court. The boy has pleaded not guilty to the charges.

The Cranbrook School which charges about $35,000 annually per student in years 7 to 12 has a motto that states: “Inspiring excellence in every endeavour”.


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  1. That’s not the school motto at all. The motto is “To be, rather than to seem to be””. Nice hit-piece though

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