Some far right White racist North American sheila is trying to sue us Aussie battlers saying our articles are false. HERE’S WHY LAUREN SOUTHERN IS F*CKING WRONG & OUR TRUTH IS 25% BETTER!

EXCLUSIVE: Free speech seems to extend only one way for the self-declared free speech warriors of the racist far right, with alt-right YouTube personality turned Sky News bobbing head, Lauren Southern, frantically running to lawyers in a desperate bid to shut up our important investigation into her bizarre immigration passage to her new home of Australia. Our publisher, Serkan Ozturk, reports.

Their hypocrisy goes hand in glove with their grift. It has always been decreed as such. And far right racist Canadian YouTuber turned local Sky News ranting head, Lauren Southern, has provided yet another delicious example of why the words of these false social media prophets and propagandists ring hollow time and time again.

She came to Australia mid-last year from North America blaming Muslims, immigrants and leftists for ruining free speech but just over 12 months into her new supposed laidback lifestyle in the country, Southern – a supposed ‘libertarian’ – is now demanding the likes of Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton conduct raids on whistleblowers and shut down professional independent media outlets; namely True Crime News Weekly. We are not kidding.


In a legal threat fired off by Mitry Lawyers on the afternoon of Friday, October 2 just as long weekend was taking hold, True Crime News Weekly was ordered to take down an article published a day earlier which even Southern herself has publicly admitted the particular details were true.

Our supposed crime?

Our truthful and important reporting based on leaked Border Force notes on just how exactly the f*ck Southern came into Australia despite a torrid history of stoking White Supremacy online and in-person.


Like many a racist White woman before her, at the same time she was ordering greedy legal bullies to dish out scary threats, Southern also went public with her best damsel in distress act: throwing out ludicrous talking points and false claims over Twitter that True Crime News Weekly was trying to dox her, or had detailed information about where she lived and about her young child. In a great example of self-projection and to garner further sympathy from her online fanbase, Southern also attempted to smear True Crime News Weekly as “extreme”. Good one, pot, or kettle, whatever. Southern probably wouldn’t like us calling her black.

It also seemed to irk and irritate Southern that the publisher of this website has a weird ethnic name and at one point referred to himself as a “Communist” and “ASIO Target” on his Twitter profile as a bit of an-joke after being targeted by a clumsy ASIO operative who has posed as an ‘independent journalist’ earlier this year. For those interested, we now refer to ourselves on Twitter as a “friend of Supernova and Tripper”, two cools cats we know.

Needless to say, we won’t be succumbing to any threats from lawyers, or anyone else for that matter.

And we won’t be taking our investigation down. Just like Hungry Jack’s being sued by McDonald’s over their new burger, we will instead use this opportunity to briefly “explain” just how awesome our article was, and is likely 25% better than anything our competitors have recently served up.


In their oh-so-scary legal threat which they marked “not for publication” in a vain attempt to hide their bullying behaviour from public eyes, Mitry Lawyers warned us that we had only 48 hours to remove the article and then write an apology to Southern within 28 days and the display that apology in a “prominent position” on our website. Well, friends, that time has well and truly passed and we have not heard a peep or squeak out of Mitry Lawyers or Southern since early October.

In the defamation threat sent to us, Southern’s lawyers claimed she “does not promote any form of racial supremacy, and has in fact actively condemned such a notion” while also claiming her supposed reformed Neo-Nazi friend, Martin Sellner, in fact now condemns Nazism and associations he had with it in his youth. So much so, Sellner began a front movement called Generation Identity and has spent the last how many years using clever online tactics and technology to sanitise and update fascism and racist White bigotry while receiving financial support from the Christchurch Massacre terrorist, Australia’s own evil dickhead, Brenton Tarrant. What a great reformed Neo Nazi this Sellner has become!

Southern’s lawyers also attempted to distance her too from Tarrant who had titled his whackjob White Supremacist hater manifesto ‘The Great Replacement’ after a conspiracy theory about immigrants replacing White people in traditional Anglo or European nations which Southern herself had greatly popularised through a viral video that millions of racist gullible idiots and others probably saw. Southern deleted the video after Tarrant murdered more than 50 Muslims in Christchurch in one sick, psychopathic White Aussie Supremacist rampage.

“The video … referred to issues associated with lack of cultural assimilation and over-burdened welfare states,” Southern’s lawyers said while wasting their time in arguing with us.

These so-called alt-right types are always bleating about supposed snowflakes who just whinge and whine rather than accept free speech applies to everyone, but here we have one of the key celebrities of the alt-right in Lauren Southern engaging in some of the most snowflake behavior we have seen in a while.

Just a few weeks after firing off her baseless legal threats to True Crime News Weekly, Southern was publicly whinging again over Twitter about how expensive it was to sue people. Her whining about how hard it was to sue people she doesn’t like telling truths about her came after an expose in The Atlantic portrayed the racist YouTube personality as a figure the far right in various countries around the world, including Australia, have used to “sex up” as well as casualise and mainstream fascism and racist bigotry.

Now, at this very moment in time, all the while Lauren Southern is portraying herself as the helpless victim of supposed big bad wogs – such as this website’s publisher – she has the decrepit ghoul of Rupert Murdoch in her corner.

How else would this intelligent (we’d argue intelligence in terms of deviousness and manipulation) yet hateful person be welcomed into the News Corp fold so quickly when you consider thousands of better experienced journalists and other more likeable media identities have recently lost their jobs and positions within the Aussie media industry, many within News Corp itself?

Yet there’s Southern – a recently arrived émigré with a questionable passageway to her new home country – bobbing up on Sky News with the other assorted jackals who represent the views of Big Money and Big Evil and giving her opinion on all sorts of local Aussie issues. As if being a racist White Supremacist YouTube personality makes you an expert on Australia. Oh, wait a minute. Maybe it does. White Australia is, and has always been, racism.

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