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  1. This is appalling but they’re not alone in ripping off the community, maybe you should add Qnews and Raymond Neil Mackereth to this sordid tale.

    Everything you need is here


  2. Looks like Mr Dean Bell is leaving the country and Mark Anthony is trying to sue the people speaking out. Enough is enough Mr Anthony!

    • Is that you Cec? I have heard you went yesterday to ACON and told them that everything is ok and under control? Did you have a look at your emails here? Maybe you are bipolar or something or Mr Anthony paid you your entitlements. Either way let’s hear about it.

  3. ATO and ASIC act on this new information, it is despicable what Mark Anthony and Dean Bell have done and continue to do to people they encounter, everyone go to there Facebook page for locanda olivetti and post your thought there as well. they deserve to go to prison for this! let as many people know about these two.

  4. What an interesting article.
    I work in the media and I certainly intend looking into some of the allegations made here, or at least passing them on to someone with the resources who can investigate further.
    Questions need to be answered urgently.

  5. Glad to see this out in the media. I will be contacting you soon Serkan with my story.

    I worked for LOTL magazine for 5 years run by Silke Bader. She still owes me super for 4 of those years instead of paying me super every 3 months she used the money to keep the business afloat and put it into other dealings like launching a magazine called BOUND which failed, that is where all my super went.

    She put Avalon media into liquidation who was the company publishing LOTL and surprise surprise just like Evolution media becoming EVO media she started up another company L Media which publishes LOTL.

    LOTL magazine is still running as well as Curve magazine in the states which she owns and she recently bought DIVA magazine in the UK and yet she can’t pay me my Super.

    I have in writing from her after I finished my employment with her the amount she owed me and that she would promise to pay me. She owes me $10 000 in unpaid Super.

    ASIC told me they wont be looking into this further even though they found her dealings in the liquidation report as dodgy to say the least. The ATO are investigating my unpaid super but they have told me they can only really look into dealing from 2012 onwards so I will still be missing out on three years of super.

    Shonky and very dodgy and disgusting behaviour by gay publishing houses. I only wish I had reported her to the ATO sooner before the company went into liquidation. She stopped paying me super approx 4 years before the company went into liquidation. I was naive and let my friendship with her cloud my judgment.

    Never again…. I check my super regularly now.

  6. I hope anyone that has ripped anyone off is brought to justice, and anyone witholding information is just as culpable.
    I hope some of the people named in this story speak up and have a moral compass.
    The truth will come out.

  7. Mark Anthony – absolute trash!!! He is NEVER to be trusted and should be brought to justice. He is a thief, liar and a complete and utter sociopath with no compassion.

    If ever I think about Mark Anthony – I think of a Cockroach but then a cockroach is 10 times his worth any day.

    ATO office get your arse into gear and do something about this less than sub human piece of filth!!

  8. Jane King – and Gay Son Christian King – run Latte Life – City Circular – hire and fire people after a short period then fire them – They lie about their distribution saying they distribute every fort night. They are the biggest pack of crooks ever – They should join up with Mark – all dodgy and all full of it!

  9. Mark Christopher Anthony has been banned as a Director by ASIC in, I hope they now proceed with criminal investigation! What a grub!

  10. Reg Domingo – Given his job on a silver platter – Utter SCAB !!!

    How can a Managing Editor suddenly become a Marketing And Communications Manager at ACON NSW ????

    Reg Domingo – Another slime bag – It just proves it’s not what you know it’s who, ACON NSW – Screw you!!!

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