STRANGE BEDFELLOWS! Unhinged White Supremacist senator Fraser Anning united in anti-Muslim & racist hatred with “sexually deviant”, “pervert” gay brother

EXCLUSIVE: He is the White Supremacist politician who snuck into federal parliament through the vagaries of Australia’s electoral system and wasted no time unloading on Muslims, gays and transgender people in a twisted, illogical rant. However, True Crime News Weekly can now reveal that one of those so-called ‘sexual deviants’ that Katter Party Senator, Fraser Anning, seemingly despises is his own brother, David Anning, and that despite their differences both are united in their unhinged hatred of Muslims. Our investigative reporter, Rudy Terwilliger, with this not-to-miss report.

The vile homophobic, transphobic rant delivered by Katter Party Senator Fraser Anning in the Senate in September might seem in character for a far-right, Muslim-hating, immigration-detesting, White Australia Policy-supporting, LGBTIQ-fearing refugee from somebody’s figment of the 1950s.

But it certainly must have been a knife through the heart of Fraser’s brother, David Anning.

Senator Anning had already caused nationwide outrage in August when he delivered his maiden speech calling for a “final solution” to “the immigration problem”, including a ban on Muslims immigrating to the nation, calling gender diversity “garbage” and advocating a return to the White Australia Policy.

The unhinged politician stood up once again in the Senate in September and aimed his bigoted sights on the Safe Schools program, referring to “child abuse”; calling transgender people “deluded” and declaring gender diversity “blatantly false”.

Fraser Anning said; “Fifty years ago, if a communist pervert had proposed that our nation’s children be forced to listen to sexually deviant propaganda, they would probably have been strung up.”

“Today, this disgusting garbage is called the Safe Schools program, and its leading exponents hold comfortable government funded positions.”

He added, “In critical theory, ethnic and religious minorities, radical feminists, sexual deviants, Third World immigrants and antisocial criminals could take the place of the proletariat to create a post-communist revolution, deconstructing traditional values and the white family.”

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And on he continued, “The ridiculous lie that gender is variable or fluid would be laughable if its intent were not so sinister.”

Not content, Fraser Anning then went on to his Twitter account and doubled down: “The real goal of the Safe Schools Commo perverts is absolutely nothing to do with safety in schools or compassion. Safe schools is a dangerous and degenerate program.”

But how must his brother and former business partner, David Anning, have felt? Fraser’s brother David is very active gay man, posting on websites, blogs and forums about his homosexuality. But, perversely combining this with the Anning family hatred of non-whites and Muslims. Despite their shared Islamophobia, David’s skin must have crawled listening to his brother’s hateful words delivered in the Australian Parliament.


Documents and emails leaked directly to True Crime News Weekly from sources close to Fraser Anning have revealed what must be a very uncomfortable traditional Aussie white-pride Christmas around the Anning family table.

For instance, just over seven years ago, David Anning made a request on a post on Trip Advisor, on February 17th, 2011 entitled ‘Gay resort Brazil’.

David Anning wrote: “I am an Australian planning to start a gay resort in Brazil, but not sure where the best site would be. I know Brazil is a huge country, but it would need to be near an international airport and preferably beach. Any help or advice would be very welcome.” David Anning left his email address for contact.

On September 2nd, 2011, in a discussion on the website, David Anning declared his homosexuality claiming: “I should know, as a gay man, I have been attacked. I don’t look gay, I don’t act gay, I don’t offend anyone. I became a target because I was observed leaving a Gay hotel bar.”

David Anning: The gay “sexually deviant” brother of White Supremacist senator Fraser Anning (Image: Supplied)
David Anning is a proud gay man who rails against discrimination but is also a proud racist and Muslim hater, according to leaked documents sent to True Crime News Weekly (Image: Supplied)

David Anning added that he had been called ‘fuckin’ faggot’, ‘poofter’ and ‘cock sucker’ and was severely beaten up. David Anning said he lost his job because of the attack while he was recovering from the injuries for three months. But he then added it was “also because my employer discovered I was gay, they quickly found a good heterosexual man to fill my place. So now I firmly believe that heterosexuals are evil. my only friends are Homosexual. They are kind, conciderate [sic] and do no harm to anybody. They are also far more intelligent, interesting and fun loving than the average heterosexual”.

Those claims however apparently don’t extend to followers of Islam, because on February 2nd, 2015 on a crazed right-wing anti-Islamic website,, David Anning declared in a rant: “I’m gay and I hate the filthy Muslims”, before claiming that “every other gay person I know hates them”.

Indeed, despite being labelled a ‘sexual deviant’ by his own brother, one could say that David Anning is the gay Muslim-hater who actively promotes his homophobic and transphobic brother Senator Fraser Anning via his own Facebook page.

“In fact I have not yet met a gay person who has anything good to say about Muslims and many, including me spend time trying to educate a largely apathetic, ‘majority’ about the danger of Islam and Sharia law,” David Anning continued in his rant on

Later that year, on December 16, 2015, David Anning declared in a comment on an article entitled ‘Gay Retirement in Costa Rica’, on the website, that: “I am a 65 year old Australian interested in retiring in Costa Rica.”

He then added, “I think it would be great if some gay guys around my age could pool their money and buy / rent a block of land with bungalows in Costa Rica and live a good life with the sweet Costa Rican men to help out”.

David Anning also has a ‘Gravatar’ profile where under his alias ‘Sacredband’ he declared:

“I am a gay Australian male living close to Cairns, North Queensland Australia. I am single, well travelled and very tired of homophobia directed at me and gay men and women all over the world. I find most heterosexuals to be very basic, agressive [sic] and self centered. Because they are the majority of the human population, they have a superior attitude and believe homosexuals are inferior. The reality is that gay people throught [sic] human history have acchieved [sic] far more than any heterosexual male or female for the improvement and betterment of life on earth. Gays are more compassionate, caring, intelligent, creative and evolved than any heterosexual of the species”

David Anning’s LinkedIn profile has his location as in Egypt. That’s despite living in Babinda in North Queensland.

Fraser and David Anning were once candidates for One Nation at the 1998 Federal Election. Fraser standing for the seat of Fairfax, on the Sunshine Coast; while David appeared as number four choice for the Senate ticket. Fraser Anning had been a close backer of Pauline Hanson since her surprise election to the Federal Lower House in 1996. Fraser was by her side, consoling Australia’s best known racist when she was in Wacol Prison in Brisbane in 2003.

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The Anning brothers grew up on their parents property, ‘Wetherby’ near Richmond in north-western Queensland.

The Anning brothers in their younger days on their parents’ Queensland property, Wetherby (Image: Supplied)

Fraser Anning likes to portray himself as the ultimate ‘man’s man’. But his CV looks more like that of the classic itinerant worker: Growing up on a sheep and cattle station 500km west of Townsville; getting a pilot’s licence at a young age and flying dodgy flights in to Mexico from the USA; running the swimming pool in the Queensland outback town of Winton; contract harvesting in Nebraska which ended up as bar work in a backwater town; working for Carlton United at Sunnybank in Brisbane.

Fraser Anning went on to run hotels in western Queensland and Babinda, south of Cairns (where his gay brother David lives). Until in 1995 he teamed up with brother David in Skyfox Aviation on the Sunshine Coast: Fraser as the marketing manager, with David as business development manager.

After their unsuccessful tilt at Federal politics with One Nation in 1998, Fraser Anning went back to running pubs for Australian Leisure and Hospitality Group in Maryborough, Rockhampton, Roma and the Sunshine Coast.

Fraser’s business luck was never good, and an investment in an agricultural business, Great Southern, which went bad when the company collapsed in 2009 left him facing bankruptcy proceedings which almost had him disqualified for the Senate, only to be dropped in October 2017.

After missing out on One Nation’s Senate bid in the 2016 election, as the number two ticket, Fraser Anning went to Gladstone to work on gas plant construction.

When the hapless Malcolm Roberts was summarily dismissed from the Senate over his remarkably convoluted citizenship status, Fraser Anning did the ‘Steven Bradbury’ and entered the Federal upper house with a total of 19 primary votes.

Fraser Anning Twitter.jpg
Katter Party Senator Fraser Anning (Image: Twitter)
Questions Sent to Annings.JPG
Questions sent by True Crime News Weekly to Senator Fraser Anning, and his so-called “sexually deviant” Muslim-hating, gay brother, David

Having been a casualty of the latest of Pauline Hanson’s acidic relationship blow-ups with her followers, Fraser Anning left One Nation, entered the Senate as an independent; toyed with joining Cory Bernardi’s Australian Conservative Party; before hitching his horse to the Bob Katter Australia Party wagon.

His first vote in the Senate? With a Muslim-hating gay brother, following the lead of the loathsome Tony Abbott’s method of sibling support, Fraser Anning voted against same sex marriage.

Fraser Anning deleted his old personal Facebook page back in late 2017 when it became apparent he would enter the Senate. He clearly didn’t want the anti-gay, anti-muslim, misogynist, race-hating memes he had posted over the years seen as he scrambled to develop some sort of profile.

How quickly that changed.

In the last week of September Fraser Anning hit the headlines when his new Facebook page, as an Australian Senator, was ‘unpublished’ by the giant social media corporation for contravening their rules, after other users had complained about the Senator’s use of hate speech.

A softer version of the account has since been reinstated.

True Crime News Weekly has contacted both Senator Anning and his brother, David, with a series of questions about their racist hatred of Muslims, and whether Senator Anning believes his own brother is a ‘sexual deviant’, considering he went into business with him.

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Rudy Terwilliger is an investigative reporter for True Crime News Weekly and currently resides in Sydney’s eastern suburbs. He has a strong interest in corruption in both the business and political worlds.


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