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Rudy Terwilliger is an investigative reporter for True Crime News Weekly and currently resides in Sydney’s eastern suburbs. He has a strong interest in corruption in both the business and political worlds.


  1. What a sick lot you are.Obviously paid by Get Up and George Soros. Luckily majority of Aussies do not agree with your sick, racist, bigoted attack on Fraser Anning and his brother.If you want to dig up dirt on people, try Labor politicians..corrupt, lying, pigs in the trough politicians! IF you love Australia, start protecting it, not destroying it! By your words ye shall be known and your words are pretty sickening.You disgust me!

    • Hi Annie, just thought you should know – you’re an idiot. Seriously, I’m looking out at my garden right now and there is a rock out there making a greater contribution to the world than you are. Unkind regards, Nick

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