STUPIDITY IS INFECTIOUS WHEN IT COMES TO CORONAVIRUS! How an illness has turned a population dumb & racist

ANALYSIS: As hordes of panic-stricken Aussies begin stockpiling up on canned food as if nuclear hol
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Sarah McLean recently graduated from a Bachelor of Arts (Humanities) (Honours) at Federation University Australia. Now that her head isn’t in the books all the time (with the exception of the occasional novel or true crime book), she has more time to enjoy her true passions – researching and writing about historical crime, films, and narrowing down her ‘to watch’ list. Her feature articles and short stories can also be found in FedPress Magazine. She is a consumer of, and is often consumed by, true crime and popular culture.


  1. That’s not a tampon in the photo, it’s a sanitary pad. While there’s nothing wrong with sanitary pads, I’m not sure that unattributed Asian man would appreciate having his photo used in an article arguing against racism. If I was forced to wear a condom on my face for some sort of medical reason because I lived in a developing country and couldn’t get access to plastic, I would not want my picture used that way.

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