REAL-LIFE BREAKING BAD ENDS BADLY AGAIN! Former students & colleagues react as high school teacher-turned-drugs-kingpin Kevin Michael Geraghty found guilty of Australia’s biggest ever cocaine importation

EXCLUSIVE: Colombia had Escobar. Mexico had ‘El Chapo’. Britain had ‘Mr Nice’. And after having been found guilty over yet another blockbuster cocaine raid worth almost half a billion dollars, we can now say Australia has Kevin Michael Geraghty – our very own real-life Walter White who went breaking bad after life as a tough but inspiring high school teacher.


CRIME CULTURE: Narcos – Mexico

It’s the latest instalment in the increasingly popular ‘Narcos’ series from Netflix. This time the action switches to the ‘greenfields’ of Mexico in the 1980s as Sinaloa’s Guadalajara Cartel go from wide-eyed cannabis innovators to cynical cocaine couriers for the Colombians.


“A DOSE OF HADLEY 101”! Father & son united in trouble as radio loudmouth Ray Hadley’s errant cop son Daniel ratted out as “repeat cocaine buyer”

EXCLUSIVE: Former Police Officer of the Year, Daniel Hadley, has quit the NSW police force in disgrace in the wake of his sensational cocaine arrest following a sting by the force’s internal anti-corruption squad. It comes as his alleged drug dealer has outed him as a “repeat cocaine buyer”. All the while, his loudmouth ‘tough-on-drugs’ shock jock dad, Ray Hadley, has remained on the air. True Crime News Weekly takes a close look at the trajectory and troubles of father and son.


WHAT A DOPE! All the dumb & hypocritical things shock jock Ray Hadley said about drugs and his disgraced copper son before shocker cocaine arrest

EXCLUSIVE: The police officer son of the right-wing, anti-drugs shock jock, Ray Hadley, has resigned in disgrace after allegedly being caught in possession of cocaine at a western Sydney pub following a months-long sting by the force’s internal anti-corruption squad. True Crime News Weekly publisher, Serkan Ozturk, takes a closer look at the radio loudmouth’s hypocritical stance on drugs, and the “battling” son he has previously told a Prime Minister was his “in” with the New South Wales Police Force when it came to drugs.


TRUE OPINION: Sniffer dogs need to sniff off

When dogs are used to enforce laws, it is more reminiscent of the Stasi or a Police State than a free democratic society. Yet in New South Wales, the police regularly use drug detection dogs on citizens – mainly young people and those attending festivals or outdoor music events. True Crime News Weekly columnist, Miles Hunt, says it’s finally time to put an end to it all.


“DISQUALIFIED”! SameSame & SX Magazine owner Mark Anthony banned by ASIC as queer media implodes with crimes & cover-ups

EXCLUSIVE INVESTIGATION – PART SIX: His nationwide media company is in ruins. Broken into pieces much like the so-called “antique vase” apparently belonging to his mother that was smashed upon his front door by a poverty-stricken and fed-up employee. Likewise, his reputation is shattered. His media group forcibly placed into administration and liquidation, with employees, suppliers, creditors, and the Tax Office thought to be owed more than $1 million. His glossy magazines full of display ads and once-popular websites too, all gone. Kaput. Nada. Can no longer be read, can no longer be seen.


EXPOSED! Who is Kevin Michael Geraghty: From gym teacher to Australia’s biggest drug dealer & cocaine kingpin

EXCLUSIVE: They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but what can you say about an old dog that never learns? Former high school gym teacher turned cocaine kingpin, Kevin Michael Geraghty, may very well be asking himself that question after he was arrested in connection to Australia’s largest ever cocaine bust this month, with 1.4 tonnes of the white powder discovered on a yacht on its way to our sunny, uncorrupted shores.