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  1. This is the practice threatening Margo Kingston and others for spreading information alleging suspect business practices by firm associated with a current member of the government?

  2. “So far, the multi-million dollar fraud officially remains only a civil case, not a criminal one.” Incredible. Thanks for reporting on this important story. Put this together with the Victor Berger story, and one has a grim picture of the legal profession in NSW.

  3. Therese Taylor. Corruption in this country is across the board. As to lawyers, remember it was an ethical and moral lawyer who turned in the corrupt and amoral one. There is always good and bad. Thankfully, the good won out on this one. The unadulterated greed of both the lawyer and his wife placed them in this position but look at the corruption, exploitation and abhorrent conduct of the guardianship regime in this country perpetrated against the very people they have been mandated to protect. The victims of the solicitor’s fraud will most likely be completely compensated, in due course. The victims of the Guardianship Tribunal, Public Trustee & Public Guardian will still remain victims. They will never get their freedom back, they will never get their assets back, they will still be doled out a pittance to live on no matter how large their estates, they will still be isolated from their families and they will NEVER be given justice before the law. I would rather lose my money than lose my basic human rights and be rendered nothing other than a cash cow for the government bodies that feed off the frail and defenceless.

  4. Glad John Maguire did the Honourable course of action in relation to Mark Obrien, I commend him on this, as John Maguire is dealing with a property of ours, and lucky that it is he that is organising it, as he is obviously rather astute concerning the shady side of life. Bit late in commenting, but better late than never, I hope! Matthew Bath.

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