“THE BONKING BEETROOT”: Deputy PM and “homewrecker” Barnaby Joyce rumoured to have traded sex for favours with powerful Canberra lobbyist

EXCLUSIVE: About to fall on his sword as he stumbles around in an alcohol soaked miasma from personal disaster to political calamity and back again, True Crime News Weekly can now reveal that Deputy PM Barnaby Joyce is rumoured to have engaged in a potentially corrupt sexual affair with a powerful political lobbyist and allegedly may have even exchanged political favours for sex while he was a married man claiming to uphold ‘traditional family values’.

NOTE – UPDATED February 22, 2018: A Canberra-based political lobbyist has sent a defamation concerns notice to True Crime News Weekly through the top-end-of-town law firm, Minter Ellison. The lobbyist also wanted us to make the below statement as she initially claimed that she never received our email request for comment which was sent to her official work email account at 10.30am on Monday, February 12 asking for comment by 5pm that day. We can verify that our email did in fact transmit to send on our end. A later email also sent by True Crime News Weekly to one of the lobbyist’s colleagues who was listed as an emergency contact on her company’s website and whose email account is on the same work email server just so happened to successfully arrive in that person’s inbox as soon as it was sent at 9.30pm that evening. 

The lobbyist demanded we pull this article down and offer the following statement: “I unreservedly apologise to [NAME REDACTED] for the article defaming her and her good character. I know what I wrote is untrue and has caused unnecessary harm to her reputation. All of the allegations contained in my article are completely wrong and unfounded.”

True Crime News Weekly will not be pulling this article down as we gave a fair opportunity to the lobbyist for comment before we published. The lobbyist has claimed the source of the information may be a “stalker” however our source strongly denies this accusation and description of their character. We should note that the lobbyist herself verbally abused and threatened True Crime News Weekly in a number of angry tirades over the telephone following the initial publication of this article. She made demeaning and perhaps criminal remarks about how no-one apparently reads True Crime News Weekly and that it is “disgusting gutter-rat shit” and “pathetic” while its publisher, Serkan Ozturk, is “fucken gormless” and a “fucken slimebag”, a “little twerp”, a “little shit” and a “nasty vicious liar”. The lobbyist also threatened Mr Ozturk saying, “I know where you fucken live and I fucken know what you got” and that she will “ruin” him.

Deputy PM Barnaby Joyce is now tipped to resign from the leadership of the Nationals Party and perhaps entirely from Parliament as early as this week after revelation after revelation after revelation has been leaked to the media over the past week. The information concerning his alleged personal and political behaviour has come to light after True Crime News Weekly exclusively broke the news last October of his adulterous and possibly politically corrupt affair with a junior staffer, media adviser Vikki Campion.

Ms Campion is now pregnant with Mr Joyce’s child and is expected to give birth to a boy in April. It is believed the couple, who are now living together in Armidale rent-free thanks to the ‘generosity’ of a wealthy Nationals backer, got together sometime between mid-to-late 2016 soon after Ms Campion called off her wedding to highly respected journalist, digital consultant and all-round good guy – 33-year-old John Bergin.



The affair between the 50-year-old Deputy PM and his media adviser 17 years his junior became well-known to fellow parliamentarians and press gallery journalists within a matter of weeks of it commencing. While it then became more a matter of public knowledge after Mr Joyce’s now separated wife of 24 years, Natalie Joyce, publicly confronted Ms Campion in Tamworth last April and in front of witnesses shouted that she was a “homewrecker”.

Mr Joyce and his former wife have four intelligent and strong-willed daughters from their marriage; all of whom have courageously stood by their mother during the nasty split. Ms Joyce has said she was “deceived and hurt” by her husband’s behaviour.

“I’m deeply saddened by the news that my husband has been having an affair and is now having a child with a former staff member,” Ms Joyce said in a media statement last week after the Daily Telegraph used its front page to herald the pregnancy.

“This situation is devastating on many fronts.

“For my girls, who are affected by the family breakdown, and for me as a wife of 24 years, who placed my own career on hold to support Barnaby through his political life.

“Our family life has had to be shared during Barnaby’s political career and it was with trust that we let campaign and office staff into our homes and into our lives.

“Naturally we also feel deceived and hurt by the actions of Barnaby and the staff member involved.”

Barnaby and Family 2016 from Facebook
The innocent victims of Deputy PM Barnaby Joyce’s gross betrayals and allegedly sleazy actions, his long-suffering and now-separated wife, Natalie Joyce, and daughters aged 16-21 (Image: Facebook)

True Crime News Weekly has previously reported that Ms Campion was not the first staffer to allegedly fall pregnant to Mr Joyce following an illicit office affair. That particular junior staffer though allegedly underwent an abortion following her dalliance with the politician who had regularly claimed same-sex marriage would destroy the ‘traditional marriages’ of heterosexual people like him. Mr Joyce – a self-proclaimed conservative Catholic who doesn’t seemingly much like gay people – has always publicly claimed he is against abortion. Mr Joyce has refused to confirm or deny whether the young woman did undergo an abortion.

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At the time of our original investigation last year, we had also reported on long-running and credible claims that witnesses had seen a drunken and slovenly Mr Joyce ‘stalk’ and ‘chase’ a 17-year-old girl into a toilet during the 2012 Rural Women’s Awards. He was a 45 year-old senator representing the state of Queensland at the time. Mr Joyce had apparently already been warned about his behaviour after he allegedly “pinched the bottom” of a woman at the same event the year before, according to the Daily Telegraph.

True Crime News Weekly has since been informed the mother of the 17-year-old girl involved in the 2012 incident has attempted to nullify the story from coming out due to her senior position with an organisation that is heavily reliant on support and funds from Nationals heavyweights. Sources have informed us that even former Independent MP Tony Windsor has received a letter threatening defamation for alluding to the events online.

A number of television networks are now however seeking to interview the alleged victim of the incident. True Crime News Weekly also understands that a dossier of documents has been prepared listing a number of other incidents where Mr Joyce has acted inappropriately which will be published shortly in the media.

True Crime News Weekly can state that it has not been sent any threats of defamation  or cease-and-desist orders from Mr Joyce since our reporting on these matters began last October.

Vikki Campion: From media adviser to pregnant partner of a fast becoming disgraced politician (Supplied)

It has emerged that Ms Campion’s relationship with Mr Joyce caused such strife amongst others within his parliamentary office that she was soon moved to an unadvertised and obscenely well-paid position as a digital and social media expert for Nationals Senator Matt Canavan, before then again being transferred to another unadvertised, well-paid position in the office of Nationals whip, Damien Drum. It is unclear exactly what functions Ms Campion provided in both offices or whether she was still somehow seconded to Mr Joyce’s office in a round-about manner.

The affair also resulted in Mr Joyce’s highly capable Chief of Staff, Diana Hallam, leaving her position in the office in April 2017 a few months after the romance began. It’s believed before she departed, Ms Hallam forced Mr Joyce to at the very least informally tell the office of Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull about his relationship status. In return for her wider silence, Ms Hallam was then moved to the plum position of “general manager” of the Inland Rail infrastructure project.

Incidentally, Mr Joyce so happens to be Ms Hallam’s boss again after he made himself Infrastructure Minister following his victory in the New England by-election late last year. There have been suggestions that Mr Joyce could potentially profit from the Inland Rail project after he bought largely unfarmable land in Gwabegar for a low price but which could be sold for millions more if a railway is built and coal seam gas explorations are allowed.

Barnaby Joyce mingling with his number one business pal, billionaire mining magnate Gina Rinehart (Supplied)

There are also suggestions that Australia’s wealthiest person, billionaire mining magnate Gina Rinehart, once purchased $100,000 worth of raffle tickets for essentially a slab of beer at one of Mr Joyce’s fundraisers. Ms Rinehart, regarded as one of Mr Joyce’s closest friends in the business world, also happened to gift the wily politician a novelty-sized cheque worth $40,000 in November last year; just two weeks before the New England by-election that was held due to Mr Joyce’s dual citizen status as a New Zealander. The day after receiving the cheque, Mr Joyce said he returned it back.

However, it is the next revelation that is not only likely to end Mr Joyce’s political career but may also perhaps place the Federal Government in a hole that it is likely to never come out of.

True Crime News Weekly can now reveal the testosterone and alcohol-fuelled politician is alleged to have embarked on a sexual affair commencing in 2014 with a high-profile Canberra-based lobbyist. We have chosen not to name the lobbyist after we received a defamation concerns notice from the elitist legal firm Minter Ellison; we believe largely sent as an attempt to bully independent media from revealing the incestuous links between federal politicians, lobbyists and the corporate media. At the time of the alleged affair, Mr Joyce was the Agriculture Minister, having successfully transferred down from the Senate to the House of Representatives in 2013.


The alleged illicit affair was revealed to True Crime News Weekly by a well-placed source in Canberra.

“Around the time of the Mid Winter Ball in 2014, the lobbyist was involved in a sexual affair with Barnaby. She is divorced. He was not,” the source told True Crime News Weekly

“Ethically such intimate involvement between a Minister and a lobbyist seems corrupt. She wrote favourably about him. She enjoyed the power, prestige, information available to her as his mistress. He traded who-knows-what for sex?”

After True Crime News Weekly was sent the defamation concerns notice, and our source was informed that they were being accused as a “stalker” by the lobbyist, they provided more details about their knowledge of the affair.

“I’m not sure that it was the same as the Vikki Campion open secret but people did know about it. I’m not a ‘stalker’ at all. I did hear the ‘gossip’ when I was at Parliament House,” our source explained. 

“As I said before it’s no-one’s business what goes on between the sheets but this relationship could be interpreted as corrupt.”

Like Ms Campion, the Deputy PM’s current squeeze, the lobbyist also happens to have connections to the media.

Yvonne Best ready to spill beans on Barnaby Joyce
A former media adviser to Nationals leader Warren Truss on February 8 posted on Twitter about revealing to the media Deputy PM Barnaby Joyce’s “predatory ways with his staff” before deleting her comments (Supplied)

True Crime News Weekly is unsure how long the potentially corrupt alleged affair between Mr Joyce and the lobbyist went on for, but even in mid-2016 there is public evidence of the lobbyist singing the praises of the “burly” Deputy PM.

True Crime News Weekly was alerted to the alleged affair between Mr Joyce and the lobbyist late last year just before the New Year. We waited a number of weeks to reveal this information only because we were hoping for better resourced and larger media outlets to finally start investigating the litany of problematic issues surrounding Mr Joyce and possibly corrupt activities.

True Crime News Weekly sent queries this week to both Mr Joyce and the lobbyist. We asked both parties what political favours were traded for sexual favours, if any at all. We also asked if either of them had officially, or otherwise, informed senior members of the Federal Government or parliamentary staff of their alleged sexual relationship. We also queried both on whether either believed there was a conflict of interest or the potential for corruption to occur due to any sexual relationship between the pair. Neither Mr Joyce nor the lobbyist responded to our requests for comment by time of publication.

Minter Ellison Defamation Threat_1
“Our client never had a sexual affair with Mr Joyce”: The denials from the lobbyist in the defamation threat sent to True Crime News Weekly
Minter Ellison Defamation Threat_2
“Immediately (and permanently) remove the Article”: The threats from top-end-of-town law firm Minter Ellison

Ms Hallam refused to comment about her knowledge of the scandals surrounding Mr Joyce, or on matters related to how and why she was moved to the Inland Rail project.

The lobbyist later strongly denied all the claims through her lawyers at Minter Ellison but also initially said she never received our email request for comment and that bizarrely our source was a “stalker”. The lobbyist also violently threatened True Crime News Weekly publisher, Serkan Ozturk.

“I know where you fucken live and I fucken know what you got,” the lobbyist screamed at Mr Ozturk.

Under pressure: Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is now caught in a bind with revelations his Deputy PM Barnaby Joyce was rumoured to be conducting an illicit sexual affair with a powerful female lobbyist commencing in 2014 (Commons)

The Prime Minister was also asked for his view on the matters, but perhaps showing his lack of backbone and leadership qualities in a battle after decades of living a high life of silvertail luxury, was seemingly too shell-shocked to even form a response to our queries.

It is likely that Mr Turnbull’s own career in politics is now severely in jeopardy in light of the latest revelations. There will also be questions over Deputy Liberal leader Julie Bishop too and her ambitions to eventually take over the top job from Mr Turnbull considering her close friendship with Canberra lobbyists.

True Crime News Weekly expects for Mr Joyce to soon be dumped as leader of the Nationals, with Senator Bridget McKenzie to take over as interim leader before a later Cabinet reshuffle that is likely to see Riverina MP Michael McCormack take over the top job in the party.

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Since True Crime News Weekly broke the original stories in October concerning the various serious scandals surrounding Mr Joyce and the Federal Government, many within media and political circles initially attempted to label our accurate and diligent reporting as either “fake news” or somehow not in the public interest. Even supposed left-wing publications such as The Guardian and liberal outlets such as the ABC and Fairfax Media came to this supposed conclusion.

This was despite claims about Mr Joyce’s relationship with Ms Campion being described as an “open secret” within Parliament and across the media. A younger member of Canberra’s press gallery has since confirmed to True Crime News Weekly that they “all knew” about the affair and subsequent pregnancy for a number of months. Indeed, parliamentary watchers have given the nickname of the ‘Red Octopus’ to Mr Joyce, apparently for his allegedly wandering hands when it comes to young women. All stayed quiet however, perhaps under some mafia-like code of Omerta, which some claim was a pact enforced by their corporate paymasters to keep the LNP Government onside.

Yet, it was only after billionaire media mogul Rupert Murdoch gave the nod to his News Corp foot soldiers last week to proceed with publishing the truth about some of the scandals surrounding Mr Joyce, did other journalists suddenly somehow discover their reporting mojo and investigative capabilities.

Rupert Murdoch
Media mogul and political kingmaker Rupert Murdoch (Commons)

Over the past week, news headlines in Australia have involved almost nothing else apart from the struggles facing Mr Joyce. The headlines have even travelled around the world with media in the USA and UK reporting on Mr Joyce’s troubles and travails. Even the culture and literature magazine Meanjin and the venerable New York Times have now paid tribute to the role True Crime News Weekly has played in outing the scandals surrounding the nation’s Deputy PM. Clearly and obviously this story was in the public interest. But why not in October and November last year when Mr Joyce was facing an important by-election in New England caused by his own ignorance of his citizenship status?

Former tennis star turned racist joke-tellerLiberal MP John Alexander – was also stuck in the by-election citizenship boat at around the same time and faced a much tougher challenge in the Sydney seat of Bennelong. Mr Alexander finally regained the seat but only after narrowly defeating Labor star candidate, Kristina Keneally, following a substantial swing against the Liberal Party.

True Crime News Weekly suggests it is likely that if the various serious scandals surrounding Mr Joyce were known by the public, the LNP Government would have lost its slender one-seat majority in the House of Representatives, most likely due to the fall of the seat of Bennelong.

The only sane conclusion one can draw is that the events over the past four months are quite plainly a demonstration of the huge stranglehold and power that Mr Murdoch – an American citizen and far-right apologist – and his News Corp media behemoth hold across the Australian media landscape. He controls the shots. He says when the government has to jump. When to disappear. When to go swim with the fishes, so to speak. It has been thus for decades.

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It should be clear for all to see now that this was never simply just a ‘sex scandal’ but a question of possible deep political corruption of the sort that is now likely to result in bringing down a whole Government, one way or another. And quite frankly, not a moment too soon. History is likely to record this current government and the previous Abbott administration as perhaps the most incompetent and lazily hateful administrations to ever grace the corridors of power in Canberra.


True Crime News Weekly now calls upon the Australian public to stand up and strongly demand more transparency from their public officials and elected representatives as well as from those in the fourth estate – the corporate media – who have looked the other way on this story, largely because so many ‘media types’ are involved. It is well and truly time to “drain the swamp”. A line ironically that was made famous by another sex predator turned powerful politician.

The first appropriate step would be to immediately commence moves to install an independent federal political corruption watchdog, with powers as wide-ranging as that of the ICAC in New South Wales before it was watered down in 2016 by the much-despised former Liberal premier, Mike Baird.

Otherwise, rampant self-interest, greed and corruption which has been allowed to germinate and spread in Canberra and across the states will infest the entirety of this once-proud democratic nation, if it hasn’t already.

NOTE: A few hours following this article’s publication, True Crime News Weekly received the following emailed message from the political lobbyist.

“Please immediately remove that post in which you have slandered me and my very good reputation. The story is a complete lie and I will be taking legal action. Please immediately remove and post an apology immediately. I removed my website for repair and upgrade. You are so pathetic you don’t even provide a contact number. I will give you one hour to remove any mention of any mention [sic] of me from your vile website.”


About Serkan Ozturk 124 Articles
Serkan Ozturk is an investigative journalist and the publisher and editor of True Crime News Weekly. His journalism has previously been featured by the likes of RT News, Sydney Morning Herald and Crikey. He is a member of the MEAA.


  1. Thank you.
    Thank you for exposing the truth about our political ‘leaders’ in Canberra and beyond.
    We do not have a government in Canberra: we have a mafia.

  2. Thanks for that excellent and thorough account. Most of us following public affairs have been appalled by the uniformity of Press Gallery reporting, or as some have called it stenography of LNP briefings. In particular a type of self-censorship which sets in, and saw Tony Abbott get a free pass on the most absurd assertions and lies for the best part of 7 years. It was little wonder that the LNP were so unprepared for government when it became clear that they had no real policy plans for government, at least none they were prepared to share with voters. It is now clear, as most of us had suspected, that the all-prevailing views of Rupert Murdoch have dominated.and still do, simply because of the sheer bullying of the remainder of non-Murdoch reporters.

  3. After reading this how about the fact that is diligently ignored by all media that the LNP government was not legally elected. Is in fact an illegal government still and passing legislation, selling off the country etc willy nilly and yet no one is doing anything to stop it!

  4. Thank you for your brilliant ferreting skills and courage in making this sordid tale of Barnyard’s corruption and sexual misconduct available, while the gutless msm covered it up.
    Seems like the entire rotten IPA/Liars house if cards is finally collapsing. The sooner the better, imo.
    Legislation to establish a federal ICAC should be one of the first acts of an incoming (Labor) government, followed by Canadian style media ownership and truth in news reporting legislation to put paid to the ghastly wizened foreigner’s corrupt influence in this country. Then establishing an INDEPENDENT RC into banking.
    There will be so much work to rid this country of the anti-worker (ABCC), anti welfare recipient legislation & other IPA/Liars corrupt legislation.
    Looking forward to Beetroot Barnyard falling on his sword.

    • I thought the same about my father, who was so fat he looked like he was going to explode. But the female dog who chased him for 3 years with dirty love letters didn’t seem to care about how fat he was or the impact she would have on his family. She must have thought being the wife of a diplomat would far out way the difficulty of having sex with a fat man who looked like he was having triplets. I’ve met so many of these typical government and political parasites over the years and I can tell you they don’t care one iota for their families, it is all about, me, me and me. How stupid of us to vote such selfish parasites in and expect them to care about strangers they don’t even know. BAA! BAA!

  5. This is the man who wanted to deny his 4 daughters and all of our daughters ,a vaccination that could save their lives.Because somehow,lessening the chances of dying horribly of cervical cancer ,will suddenly give them “a Licence To Be Promiscuous”…. But what he was doing with a much younger ,married subordinate, behind his wife of 24 years back is “No One Else’s Business”..
    At the same time that he was ,extolling the “sacred” values of Heterosexual marriage, as a reason that marriage equality should not be legalized ,he was “bonking” that staff member.
    We can only imagine what would be said if say,Tanya Pilbersek got “knocked up” to a much younger married staffer and abandoned her family to “shack up” with him?!….the LNP and their cronies , would be screaming for blood!

    And obviously,Matt Canavan’s “deep Christian beliefs” only runs so deep. He refers to the National Party as “a Real Family Party”…But is obviously happy to turn a blind eye ,to enable his former boss to continue his elicit affair behind the backs of his “Real Family”.

    Sam Dastiari was kicked out because a “donor” paid a $1500 bill for him….Barney and his “Baby-Mumma” are living rent free ,to the tune of $18,000,and have been for months in a house owned by a donor(one who’s business is set to benefit from a proposed airport development,backed by Barny) …Where’s the outrange?

    And let’s not forget that their relationship was well and truly on (she was already pregnant) at the time of the New England by election…Yet,not a whisper from the main stream “media”…
    Would his traditionally conservative voters still have voted for an adulterer,who abandoned his wife and children ,in favor of the mistress expecting his “Love Child”? We can only guess at the answer,because ,like the rest of us ,they were not allowed to know ,until it was all a done deal.

    …Then there is the luxury holiday,in December,when he spent Christmas with his partner/mistress in Queensland ,why was he able to claim it as part of his parliamentary “entitlements”.

    And now it turns out Turnbull knew all of this,the entire time.
    I guess desperately clinging ,to the paper thin majority it parliament is more important truth or integrity for him.

    It’s time for heads to roll,starting with the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister and working down from there.
    But no doubt Malcolm Turnbull will attempt to gloss over everything as usual ,and allow this morally corrupt moron to make decisions on our behalf ..
    Gotta love the moral vacuum that is the LNP.

      • You hit the nail on the head. SHEEP! and that’s the problem The sheep keep voting theses self serving parasites back in. If they don’t care about their own families, they certainly don’t care about the rest of Australia

  6. I am one of many thousands of readers so in need of investigative journalism. Please keep it up. I suspect there is a lot more out there which slips past into the ether.

  7. What an amazing piece of journalism! Nowhere in MSM fake news would you get anything other than “Mr Joyce’s personal life should be private and we should respect his rights”. It’s been pretty obvious from his demeanour, that he is and always has been a beer-swilling, uncouth yob. His behaviour and obviously his personal standards are despicable.

  8. I hope that your allegations about Beetrooter having an affair with Lobbyist are 100% accurate. If so you”ll have a fan in me for life. My god she writes a lot of corporate-speak doesn’t she. Like this Mission Statement rubbish… Fuck me.

  9. This is the most informative piece of journalism i have seen in a long time and happily shared. I truly hope articles like this will finally hand back to the people TRUTH AND JUSTICE in the running of this country. Even Rupert could not stop this and hence gave the nod in a pathetic attempt at maintaining some credibility for his behemoth which crumbles further and further every day..The worm is finally beginning to turn back in favor of the people…It is no longer business as usual for the two and a half party machine…Go you good thing.

    • Serken you broke this story! Brilliant job and love your work. Look forward to reading more on the corruption within this government. Have you ever delved into the connection between Turnbull’s deliberate destruction of our NBN and the Murdochs?

  10. An absolute disgraceful hypoctrite and one can use the old fashioned word CAD . He can not effectively carry out his day job until he sorts his personal life !! If there is one bit of honour left in him he needs to step aside as leader at least

  11. Who knows he might be able to do a Will Farrell and attract the horny voter! Hang on a minute this is Australia…This is displaying the classic ‘do as I say not what I do’ which is a shame as I kinda thought he was one of the good guys…..I must admit I laughed my self-stupid today over this and I am eagerly awaiting the next installment! Good on you TCNW!


  13. Brilliant job Serkan. You’re exposing corruption and legacy media complicity and cowardice almost singlehanded. Have you considered… WikiLeaks?

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