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Tom Tanuki is a writer, satirist and anti-fascist activist. He has worked in political comedy online, on stage and at protests through projects including direct action anti-racist group 'Yelling At Racist Dogs' (YARD) and the satirical nationalist group 'Million Flag Patriots'. His premiere theatre-comedy show, 'Yelling At Racist Dogs: Just As Bad', performed to sold-out crowds at the 2019 Melbourne Fringe Festival.


  1. My understanding is she’s married to an Aussie, that would be the ‘visa’ that allows her to carry on with her dangerous BS. Makes me wonder if the friend’s ‘wedding’ she wanted to attend wasn’t her own.

  2. Duly noted that the Morrison government deems Southern worthy of entrance but the Tamil family of Biloela worthy of deportation.

  3. I have seriously never read so much trash in my life, put down the crack pipe mate.

    The bigger story is Lauren’s personal information being leaked.

  4. IT is hilarious how this proponent of the Great Replacement theory married a man who isn’t white. Could not stop laughing when I read about that.

  5. It would appear Southern is here on a partner visa of some description – partner or fiancé. The pertinent question is not why she got a visa when asylum seekers don’t but how she got a partner visa seemingly 10 times as fast as every other person seeking such a visa. On average I have read it takes 2 years for one to be approved. Hers has been in a number of months

    Or: Did Sky News sponsor her as an employee?

  6. I love how the radical left call people such as Milo and Lauren racists; when they marry non whites and are anything but. These are the same melonheads who call ben Shapiro an anti-Semite. LOL

  7. ah.. some white male mansplaining me about how dangerous and wrong a wonderful transgender person in mixed marriage is, for just being blonde? So.. it’s ok to be transgender as long as you aren’t blonde? Is that what you are sayin little white boy?

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