THE “TWITTER MOB” IS TO BLAME FOR MY CORRUPTION! “Alleged rapist” Christian Porter resigns from Cabinet over so-called “blind trust” after True Crime exposé

EXCLUSIVE: “Alleged rapist” politician, Christian Porter, is no longer a member of Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s Cabinet, being punted out of the ministry today after being unable to explain who donated at least $1 million to cover his legal fees in an ultimately doomed defamation battle against the ABC. But rather than reflecting on his own sleazy actions, the former Attorney-General has chosen to blame True Crime News Weekly and the “Twitter mob” for his demise. Serkan Ozturk reports.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison today announced that “alleged rapist”, Christian Porter, will no longer be allowed to serve as a Cabinet Minister after being unable to clearly state who is responsible for or donated to the supposed “blind trust” he used to pay at least $1 million of his legal fees in his stupidly thought out defamation battle against the ABC.

The punting of Porter comes just two days after a True Crime News Weekly investigation looking into the creation of the politician’s “blind trust” went viral and caused a stir amongst media and political circles.

It is believed Porter required donations from others in the form of a “blind trust” as he had little liquid assets to launch an expensive court case, and using his own funds would have forced him into bankruptcy and then out of Parliament.

The law states bankrupt persons are not allowed to hold a seat in Federal Parliament.

The defamation case against the ABC was brought by Porter following his self-outing as the senior government figure who allegedly “brutally” raped a 16-year-old schoolgirl in 1988.

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Porter had initially claimed he would use the defamation case as a proxy to a proper legal inquiry or even criminal trial into the allegations, where he would take the stand and clear his name.

As we all now know, they were the hollow words of a lying loser.

The former Attorney-General had been serving as Industry and Science Minister since the middle of this year after being forced to leave his office as the nation’s chief legal officer when the allegations were first made public in March.

Having resigned from the ministry now, Porter claims he will still sit in Federal Parliament and contest the next election, while also claiming he doesn’t have to pay back any of the donations made to his “blind trust” even though the funds could have come from convicted rapists, murderers, paedophiles, Russian mafia, the Chinese Government or Colombian drug cartels.

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According to his statement announcing his resignation from the ministry, Porter claims the money came from hundreds of everyday Australians, not “lobbyists or prohibited foreign entities”. That’s despite also claiming not to know anything about his supposed “blind trust”.

Following Porter’s resignation as a minister today, Morrison has conveniently claimed the “matter is now closed”.

We may have some bad news for the Prime Minister though.

True Crime News Weekly has come across credible information about which powerful people connected to the Liberal Party helped Porter with the “blind trust” and we will be revealing more details in coming days.

For his part, rather than offering any kind of honest self-reflection, Porter has instead used his resignation statement to portray himself as a victim of some grand conspiracy and take aim at True Crime News Weekly and the so-called “Twitter mob” for reporting truthfully on his allegedly corrupt affairs.

His statement alludes to Twitter and online “mobs” at least eight times.

“So fierce and vengeful is the response of the Twitter mob to anyone who dares say anything contrary to the narrative of guilt that those people then come to be deemed to commit a form of social crime for defending the subject of the unproven allegation and the mob turns on them,” Porter whinged and whined.

True Crime News Weekly understands Porter chose to partly fall on his own sword today in a feeble bid to protect the powerful people who funded his “blind trust”, after they were spooked by our expose earlier this week.

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In yet another further example of the hateful psychopathic misogyny that courses through his veins, Porter also chose to use his resignation statement to spread deeply disturbing and venomous lies about the now-deceased victim he allegedly “brutally” raped on multiple occasions on one evening in Sydney in 1988.

“[It’s] an allegation that lacks credibility, was based on repressed memory … and was written by someone who was, sadly, very unwell,” Porter ludicrously and falsely claimed.

Porter’s alleged victim died mid-last year in mysterious circumstances after NSW Police stonewalled her attempts for months to have the powerful politician investigated over his alleged crimes.

A coronial inquest is due to be held into the circumstances surrounding her death, which has been claimed to be suicide, although the likes of former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull have suggested the woman’s death could have been suspicious.

While choosing to denigrate the reputation of a dead alleged rape victim, let us not forget it was Porter himself who left Parliament for “mental health leave” for weeks after the allegations were first made public in March of this year.

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