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  1. Class Action FC they (Celtic) are being called. Understandably, the Rangers fanbase in Australia is very excited about this tournament. However, that isn’t the case in Scotland where the majority of fans do not want their club playing a ‘friendly’ with a team who have been cited for serious sexual crimes in Scotland’s highest civil court. It’s all rather awkward.

  2. Quite an interesting, detailed and of course one sided article which seems intended purely to savage one club while purposefully ignoring the fact that the exact same thing was historically happening at the now liquidated Rangers FC. Might want to do a little digging into that one, while you’re on the subject and see what happened when the victims complained to the club. We will look forward to your follow up article.

    • These bitter people above can’t see past their own sordid club, What happened at Celtic can in absolutely no way be compared to the minor case that happened at Rangers.

    • Abuse is abuse no matter where it happens. We’ve been covering this story for two years and I feel the upcoming court proceedings make it particularly newsworthy. We’ve also reported on abuse at other clubs in past articles including at Rangers.

  3. Its great rangers will not be playing against that lot over in oz. We play them here because we have too. And with the abuse allegations, you only know the half of it. Its awful the abuse was going on 50 years. From the dressing room to england and usa in youth tournys, lots of abusers including torbett and mcafferty and evn the photo guy. It was a ring and there has not been a lot of help in scotland to bring this forward. The snp government ordered an abuse inquiry but left out the two places were abuse happened most, sport and catholic church. The crimes are far worse than penn state in the usa and they got closed down. I expect the same here.

  4. Strange that you never mention the Rangers are being sued for Child abuse by Thompson lawyers of Glasgow and the peadophile ring that operated at Ibrox tween Gordon Neely and English peadophiles at otther clubs there. Rangers knew and even wished neely well when he left. Scotland’s shame

    • We have actually covered the Gordon Neely scandal in past articles, going back to 2019, though it seems to have stalled in the courts. Perhaps the new group proceedings legislation can reignite it, I certainly would hope so. Far from an anti Celtic bias, I’m actually a lifelong fan. I’m also a fan of the truth.

    • Lies u support a club that has employed and protected pedophiles for decades. This evil club should be shut down for the crimes against children they have overseen. A rancid organisation full off and supported by oxygen stealing waste of skin scum.

  5. That abuse by predators happened at Rangers is not in dispute. The abuse was real and it happened. However, the industrial scale of the horror and suffering at Celtic Park was on another level, perpetrated by more, and went on far, far longer.

  6. Rangers reported the abuse of the one perpetrator to the police. In fact the child’s father was a policeman. Celtic knew about the abuse on Club premises is the allegation and there were at least 6 convicted and others currently implicated and Celtic apparently did nothing. In fact they seem to have whitewashed through an internal inquiry, despite re recruiting one of the known paedophiles, allegedly. Celtic fans need to condemn the behaviour of these people but they have always put their allegiance to their club ahead of exposing and condemning an enormous amount of abuse, with estimates of hundreds of victims. These discussions and arguments are horrible but they are caused by Celtic fans refusing to acknowledge what went on and preferring to turn a blind eye. This ‘friendly’ is not wanted.

  7. The industrial abuse in Scotland at Celtic football and athletic club was absolutely appalling and should see them shut down. Probably the biggest paedophilic ring in world sport was allowed to continue for the ‘Good name’ of the club. No friendly with that rancid shower of trash please.

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