THEM NEWS CORP IDIOTS AT IT AGAIN! Daily Telegraph forced to apologise to high-profile lawyer Adam Houda after disgraceful lies about being the brother of dangerous alleged criminal

EXCLUSIVE: The silly and dangerous clowns over at News Corp have done it once again, this time forced to apologise to prominent Sydney lawyer, Adam Houda, after the Daily Telegraph this week published disgraceful lies he was the brother of a violent man arrested for allegedly shooting another man in the foot at a Western Sydney gym. 

There should be little doubt now, if any remained, that News Corp is nothing but a propaganda outlet rather than a proper media organisation that even understands the most basic of concepts such as fact-checking.

That’s the only sane conclusion one can reach after the right-wing media behemoth operated by the evil billionaire warmonger, Rupert Murdoch, has been forced into another grovelling (yet ultimately weak, and lily-livered) apology, this time to high-profile Sydney lawyer, Adam Houda.

Houda is the principal lawyer of criminal law firm, LawyersCorp.

It comes after News Corp’s main gutter rag, the Daily Telegraph, stupidly tried to connect Houda to a man who had been arrested this week for allegedly shooting the foot of another person at a Western Sydney gym.

The supposed connection?

Houda shares the same surname with the alleged criminal, Ahmed Houda.

According to the brain-dead gronks at News Corp, it was clear and irrefutable proof the pair were brothers.

All us Muslims, Lebs, wogs are the same, we guess, hey News Corp?

Hilariously, although not surprisingly, the apology is delivered in small type, suggesting the idiots at News Corp still haven’t learnt their lesson.

Apology to Adam Houda.JPG
The Daily Telegraph delivers its apology in small type, oblivious to how even more stupid it makes them look (Image: Supplied)

“On 8 January 2019, an article on The Daily Telegraph’s website entitled “Man shot in the foot during wild brawl on busy strip” reported that a man charged over a shooting in Sydney’s west was the brother of well-known criminal lawyer Adam Houda,” the so-called apology reads before changing typeset to a smaller one.

“That was incorrect. The Daily Telegraph apologises to Mr Houda for the error.”

In its original article on January 8 about the shooting at the gym, the Daily Telegraph had claimed:

“Overnight, [Ahmed] Houda was charged with discharge firearm with intent to cause grievous bodily harm, and common assault. Ahmed Houda is the brother of high-profile criminal lawyer Adam Houda, who has represented clients such as professional boxer Lauryn Eagle and individuals with ties to Islamic State.”

Terrorist and violent criminal by proxy now, huh?

News Corp had left the original piece up for close to a day even after Houda immediately contacted the Daily Telegraph calling for the false references to be removed.

In response to the shockingly false story, well-known criminal lawyer, Chris Murphy, who is considered a mentor to Houda, took to social media to pan News Corp, stating that he believed Houda would sue the giant media organisation.

“One phone call by a Daily Telegraph journo could have avoided this but no and hate damage done,” Murphy wrote over Twitter.

True Crime News Weekly contacted Houda for a response to the apology, but he was unavailable for comment.



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  1. That is, and always has been, the modus operandi of the Newscorp machine: throw some mud and some of it will stick. How better to attempt to tarnish a high profile Muslim lawyer who sticks up for people’s rights? A simple Google search reveals that the police have groundlessly harassed and even arrested Adam Houda a number of times over quite a number of years. Now why would that be? Racial profiling and worse is involved.

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