TRUE CRIME VILLAINS VANQUISHED! The complete list of LOSERS from the 2022 Federal Election

ANALYSIS: The federal election just gone by was almost like a vanquishing of a number of assorted True Crime News Weekly ‘villains’ from across the ages. Pierce Field shares the parts we played in bringing down some of the worst people to ever grace the Parliament, seat-by-seat.

<strong>Josh Frydenberg</strong><br><strong>Kooyong (VIC): Independent GAIN from Liberals - Swing 10.4% to IND</strong>
Josh Frydenberg
Kooyong (VIC): Independent GAIN from Liberals – Swing 10.4% to IND

Let’s hope Christian Porter hasn’t tipped too much cash into this one helping his fellow alleged creep, as the Federal Treasurer Josh Frydenberg lost his seat to “teal independent” Monique Ryan.

The 50-year old petulant man-child has faced a backlash from the people he claimed to represent, suffering a 7% decline in the primary vote. After a campaign budget that appeared to rival the $60bn he swindled away on JobKeeper failed to overcome grassroots democracy, TCNW is claiming this one as a scalp for us after our exclusives revealing Frydenberg’s grubby actions.

Also, perhaps the excellent campaign run by Dr Ryan and her team may have had something to do with it too.

<strong>Kristina Keneally</strong><br><strong>Fowler (NSW)</strong>:<strong> Independent GAIN from ALP - Swing 16.3% to IND</strong>
Kristina Keneally
Fowler (NSW): Independent GAIN from ALP – Swing 16.3% to IND

This one really takes the cake. Perennial loser, elitist and journalist-suing Kristina Keneally did the unthinkable – losing one of Labor’s safest seats to independent candidate Dai Le.

In a victory for the ALP even if they haven’t realised it themselves, Keneally thought eating a pork roll or two, getting her hair done in Liverpool and exploiting people’s faith would be enough to get her over the line.

Keneally famously rolled Vietnamese-Australian Tu Le for preselection. A bold move for a former Premier who’s corrupt cop son was outed to the world by TCNW.

<strong>Trevor Evans</strong><br><strong>Brisbane (QLD): Labor or Green GAIN from LNP - Swing 10.2% to ALP/GRN</strong>
Trevor Evans
Brisbane (QLD): Labor or Green GAIN from LNP – Swing 10.2% to ALP/GRN

Joining Frydenberg is another guy that likes using charities for his own political gain, the now former LNP Member for Brisbane, Trevor Evans.

Evans, who may just end up with the task of making his former boss Peter Dutton more moderate as Opposition Leader, was exposed by True Crime News Weekly for using a charities’ endorsement without their consent.

The first of the so called “Modern Liberals” to make the loser list, Evans maybe missed by nobody, given everyone forgot he was there. Or even knew who he was to begin with.

<strong>Dave Sharma</strong><br><strong>Wentworth (NSW): Independent GAIN from Liberal - Swing 5.6% to IND</strong>
Dave Sharma
Wentworth (NSW): Independent GAIN from Liberal – Swing 5.6% to IND

Another of the “Modern Liberals” possessing the spine of a jellyfish was ‘Dividend’ Dave Sharma. The man that famously followed Asian-diversity expert Fiona Martin MP to cross the floor on the ridiculous Religious Discrimination Bill in an attempt to show his electorate he only says one thing and does the complete opposite only 98% of the time.

Sharma, along with his mates Josh Frydenberg and Tim Wilson, played the anti-Semitic card on anyone trying to hold them to account throughout the campaign. What is particularly pathetic about this, is Sharma isn’t even Jewish, but still wanted to get involved all the same as exposed by TCNW.

Not to worry though, he got some sweet stock tips in Qantas and vaccine manufacturers from some mates inside Cabinet during his one and only term, so he’ll be fine.

Sharma clearly didn’t take the loss well, deleting Twitter like a loser, which is an appropriate place to end his parliamentary career. He becomes the first MP for Wentworth, since it was established at federation, to lose an election for the seat twice. Now, that’s a claim to fame you can’t forget.

<strong>Fiona Martin</strong><br><strong>Reid (NSW)</strong>: <strong>Labor GAIN from Liberal - Swing 8.7%</strong> <strong>to ALP</strong>
Fiona Martin
Reid (NSW): Labor GAIN from Liberal – Swing 8.7% to ALP

Former Workplace Relations Minister, pub-baron and alleged-creep Craig Laundy will be proud of this one. It was he who paved the way for Fiona Martin to win Liberal preselection for the seat of Reid.

After famously taking revenge on his ex by stalking her and her children and blocking her attempts at an AVO (CC: David Elliott, former NSW Police Minister), Laundy also nominated the third “Modern Liberal” Dr Fiona Martin (who he may or may not have been shagging) to really put the cherry on top.

Martin – the former child psychologist that directly endorses and participates in bullying and harassment – made further headlines when she channelled her inner Pauline Hanson, accusing her opponent Sally Sitou of seeking pre-selection in Fowler whilst confusing her with another Labor member of Vietnamese decent.

Sally Sitou is Chinese-Australian. As are a quarter of the people of Reid.

Well done, Craig. They must all look the same emptying their pockets into your pokies dens across western Sydney, right?

<strong>Tim Wilson</strong><br><strong>Goldstein (VIC): Independent GAIN from Liberal - Swing 11.4% to IND (v LIB)</strong>
Tim Wilson
Goldstein (VIC): Independent GAIN from Liberal – Swing 11.4% to IND (v LIB)

The last of the “Modern Liberals” is the former free speech warrior turned elitist sook and eternal cry-baby, Tim Wilson.

After using his position as our Human Rights Commissioner to advocate for legislative reform to appease Eric Abetz and Clive Palmer’s goal to be bigots without consequence, he was appointed to the previously blue-ribbon seat of Goldstein.

Joining the Anti-Semitic Arsehole Alliance with Josh Frydenberg and Dave Sharma, Wilson campaigned on a platform of ‘I deserve to be here’ and paying for trips to Armenian National Committee events on the taxpayer credit card (over $1300 from 30 November to 1 December 2019).

After failing in nearly everything he has attempted, he can cap off his career being the first Liberal loser in Goldstein. In August 2021, us good folks here at TCNW published an article headlined: “Tim Wilson is the WORST”. He was, wasn’t he?

Probably should have used the Prayer room for its true purpose, eh Tim?

<strong>Pauline Hanson & One Nation</strong><br><strong>Small swing of 1.8%</strong>
Pauline Hanson & One Nation
Small swing of 1.8%

The decision by One Nation chief racist, Pauline Hanson, to run a host of ghost candidates across hundreds of electorates across Australia apparently backfired.

Despite an increased 4.9% share of the primary vote across the nation, the numbers belied the truth of a poor showing, with One Nation running for 149 seats this federal election, compared with only 59 in 2019.

It was suspected by TCNW and others that many of the One Nation candidates were essentially fake, and simply there to boost the numbers for Hanson as she tries to receive more electoral funding.

It seems like most of the public also saw it like that. Hanson’s own polling numbers in Queensland also revealed a poor showing, as the stoners over at Legalise Cannabis Australia almost whacked her out for the state’s final Senate position.

<strong>Clive Palmer & United Australia Party</strong><br><strong>$100m investment, swing of only 1.3%</strong>
Clive Palmer & United Australia Party
$100m investment, swing of only 1.3%

Australians have shown they are absolute legends by showing how much cut through commercial television actually has – with less than 5% voting for the big, fat, wage-thieving Clive Palmer.

Aussies even preferred the grassroots stoners over at the Legalise Cannabis Australia than what Clive was offering this time around.

This is despite millions of dollars spent by Big Clive on billboards, television, radio, internet and a Channel 10 launch special.

After three failed federal election attempts hopefully Clive now has the hint, and will retreat into retirement as the big fat Cayman Islands banker from The Simpsons.

“Oh crap, I definitely should have not said that”: Suspected vision of Clive Palmer in 2024 (Image: 20th Century Fox)

<strong>Scott Morrison</strong><br><strong>feat. Yaron Finkelstein</strong><br><strong>Australia's GAIN - Swing 3.5% to ALP</strong>
Scott Morrison
feat. Yaron Finkelstein
Australia’s GAIN – Swing 3.5% to ALP

It was a not-so-fond farewell for the hapless ScoMo: leader of perhaps the most corrupt Australian Government ever known in modern times.

Donald Trump and Brian Houston’s mate, Morrison managed to make incompetence an artform. Australians clearly had enough of war-mongering foreign policy, the covering up of alleged-rape and sending thousands of their own citizens to their own deaths in the Robodebt scandal.

This also signals the end of the former PM’s chief janitor – the great Yaron Finkelstein of known purveyors of evil, polling group Crosby Textor. Big Yaron even threatened a TCNW journalist with defamation in November 2021, when allegations surfaced he was a creep and used his position to block his victim’s pre-selection for Parliament.

The gutless wonder didn’t follow it up after publication, suggesting the truth isn’t defamatory. And there’s still his role in the Brittany Higgins cover-up. Can’t wait for Federal ICAC.

Honourable Mentions

<strong>Jim Chalmers</strong><br><strong>Rankin (QLD) - Labor Retain - Swing 2.8% to ALP</strong>
Jim Chalmers
Rankin (QLD) – Labor Retain – Swing 2.8% to ALP

The newly sworn in Treasurer, Dr Jim Chalmers, was recently revealed by TCNW as a historical sex-pest.

Despite outperforming the leader on numerous times throughout the campaign, Chalmers only managed a 2.8% swing, compared to his 2016 result where he finished on a margin of 11.3%.

Perhaps the Dodgy Doc needs to spend more time in his electorate and not allegedly harassing young women in Canberra? Now he has sworn allegiance to the Crown, will the behaviour miraculously change?

TCNW has learned the clock is ticking for the Doc. Tick-tok, Jim.

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