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Tom Tanuki is a writer, satirist and anti-fascist activist. He has worked in political comedy online, on stage and at protests through projects including direct action anti-racist group 'Yelling At Racist Dogs' (YARD) and the satirical nationalist group 'Million Flag Patriots'. His premiere theatre-comedy show, 'Yelling At Racist Dogs: Just As Bad', performed to sold-out crowds at the 2019 Melbourne Fringe Festival.


  1. Unrelated – Why is Bolt obsessed with teenager Gretta Thunberg? He seems to be interested in her every move. It seems not one week has gone by where he hasn’t shared some of his thoughts of her.

  2. Whether it’s directly, or metaphorically through climate change and neoliberalism, Bolt and all his friends and supporters want to f*** kids.

  3. Bolt earns his existence on planet earth by supporting degenerates on behalf of Rupert Murdoch and scum like Alan Jones – and making Australia – which is already a totalitarian autocracy – even more of a pariah nation – that imprisons refugees in hellish conditions on Manus Island and Nauru and is financing an environmental disaster – the Adani coal mine.

    • What Roger, like the High Court only read the transcripts of the Pell case and didn’t bother to look at the taped evidence of each of the witnesses giving evidence and their behaviour and demeanor when doing so. The jury saw them in real life and the High Court judges read a transcript to arrive at the conclusion that they were more rational in their decision-making than the jury who had the benefit of being in the presence of the witnesses, which is the point of a court room with a jury present.

  4. What a great article. Gave me the information but made me laugh. Bolt should be laughed at. What a sad sorry state he is in defending paedophiles. Murdoch continually seems to be trying to normalize paedophilia through his media empire. Not just Pell.

  5. It would be fascinating to see the results of forensic examinations of the hard drives etc.
    That are accessible to those who support and influence opinion regarding paedophilia

  6. Great article… Bolt can defend convicted paedophiles but is scathingly critical of Adam Goodes & Greta T, who have the temerity to speak out against discrimination & climate.. the man is just a mouthpiece for Right Wing Media. He, and all his Sky & Telegraph compatriots, are despicable.

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