TRUE OPINION: CATHOLIC CHURCH CONFESSIONAL! Only sleazy priests would keep child sex abuse secret

TRUE OPINION: The Catholic Church – which has enabled the rape and sexual abuse of thousands
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About Tim Kent 14 Articles
Tim Kent is a mental health professional with a keen interest in crime. He has had experience over many years as a registered nurse as well as a mental health clinician, in a role that frequently involved a forensic crossover. He holds a BA in the Behavioural Sciences and has an active interest in attempting to understand the complexities that drive criminal behaviour and the public perceptions of the same.


  1. If the High Court overturns Pell’s conviction due to lack of evidence, the author of this article will look pretty stupid

    • And if the justices simply send the Victorian HC appeal back for another go round?
      Either way, Pell will have almost finished his time-before-parole-consideration remaining
      in full contact with whomever and whenever, in a fairly comfortable cell that’s better
      equipped than many in monasterial retreats.

      He’s already escaped justice enough to make every one of us look stupid.

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