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Miles Hunt is a practising lawyer, writer and novelist as well as the founder of leading drugs reform NGO, Unharm.


  1. Some interesting observations. I agree that life is too quick these days. I do, however, think that as horrible as covid is, it is just the start of many health and climate-related problems for us as a society. Just as in the 90s people remembered the simpler times and warm sound of vinyl records, we are probably going to look back and say “Remember when all we had to deal with was covid, and all most people had to do was stay indoors and work from home?”

  2. Yes I think corona virus is probably only one of many things we have to face. There is a government report online called

    “Responding the the threat of antimicrobial resistance 2015-2019”

    In the report Liberal Ministers Susan Ley and Barnaby Joyce acknowledge that the use of antibiotics in factory farms is causing antibiotics to be less effective when treating illness in people.

    Antibiotics don’t work on viruses but the point is the same that corona is probably just one of a few things we have to deal with.

    • When an international expert on antimicrobial resistance did a speaking tour of Australia last year, not one mainstream media organization (that I could tell) asked him a single question about factory farming. Factory farming is not the only cause, but it is the main cause, of antibiotic resistance in humans. Instead the media focus was on blaming the medical profession. Why does the mainstream media keep letting us down by not reporting vital information?

  3. Hopefully not too off-topic regarding the article – there is an excellent Youtube video about where we’re headed as a society – suitable for friends and family made by a physics professor, Eugene Khoutryansky.

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