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Irfan Yusuf grew up in Sydney and has worked as a lawyer in NSW, QLD, Victoria, Tasmania and WA. He is an award-winning author and has written for the Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, Canberra Times, NZ Herald, Crikey and ABC The Drum.


  1. Our esteemed leader Mr Morrison spent the entire time playing on his phone. I expect he reflects your sentiments entirely but can’t quite commit himself with the same eloquence to explain his actions.

  2. My father was one of those Australians to fight in defense of Australia. He joined the RAAF in WW2and flew out of Darwin for most of the war. Nearly 80%of his squadron were killed before it was disbanded and they transferred to other squadrons. For their period of service in Darwin they were awarded the highest decoration a molotery unit could receive, the Presidential Unit Citation. In an act of officious bastardy they were not allowed to accept it because it was a foreign award. It took over 50 years and a campaign of agitation before the surviving squadron members received the award.
    My father hated war. He always said there was no glory for anyone in it. I can remember when my generation’s obscenity, the Vitenam War was reported on the news he would always get up and leave the room.

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