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Tim Kent is a mental health professional with a keen interest in crime. He has had experience over many years as a registered nurse as well as a mental health clinician, in a role that frequently involved a forensic crossover. He holds a BA in the Behavioural Sciences and has an active interest in attempting to understand the complexities that drive criminal behaviour and the public perceptions of the same.

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  1. Sad and pathetic ignorance of the facts. FACT: Guns save lives. FACT: the most dangerous place to be is a gun-free zone. FACT: authoritarians want gun control so only they control the guns. FACT: People die every day for all kinds of reasons. Hammers and knives kill more people every year than assault rifles.
    But, it’s easier to regurgitate the propaganda than to exercise your own intellect. Too bad, this site had some interesting stories, but if this is an indication of the thinking behind this website, I will not return to support it.
    You really should educate yourself about real people and real issues before you spout nonsense like this bullshit.

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