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Kieran Butler is a comedian, musician and satirist. He is best known in Australia for his pop-parody musical "Ben Cousins: a rock opera" and has received critical acclaim at the Edinburgh Fringe for "Che Guevara on the Fringe" (**** The Scotsman) and his sold-out "Australia is Fucked" trilogy. More info at www.kieranbutler.com


  1. How good are COVID 19 mandates, enforced by idiots more likely to die from heart disease or obesity related problems than from any made up flu?

    How good are so called True Crime websites who pump out nothing but horseshit op ed pieces?

    The Cult of Mediocrity has infested this country for a long time.

    The Ham and Eggers up on this site would love the communist dictatorship of the ACT; they could be there with overfed, underworked “refugees” complaining about everything and anything, while awaiting APS contract work that they have no qualifications for.

      • It’s amazing how different the mentalities are between you peoples outside of the ACT, and those living within it.

        You communist lovers would love it here.

        Don’t get that confused with support for that scumbag Morrison, who should be hanged from his neck until he is dead.

        But supporting open card carrying communists like yourself, who will always prioritize so called thought crime over real crime is also a mistake.

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