TRUE OPINION: I Will Sue Police For You

The police and politicians have declared war on the people of this country, but it is a war we will win with WORDS, not weapons. They beat us in the street, kidnap us from our homes for calling out corrupt politicians online, and they lie and cheat in the witness box.

For many years in this country, governments across Australia have been buying the silence of victims of police abuse by forcing them to sign corrupt secret agreements that they could not tell anyone about. That is why very few people know that the police spend almost $50 million dollars a year in this country, fighting off victims of police abuse in court. SHOCKING isn’t it?

More shocking is the fact that around 98% of these cases settle before getting to court, but by the time that happens, 80% of the money is wasted on legal fees and other things, with very little left for the victim.

My name is Luke Brett Moore, the founder of ISUEPOLICE.COM, and the following is our battle strategy and plan of attack.

We aim to change the way police handle police complaints in this country.

We know that the police have a history of burying evidence and covering-up for their mates. It has been proven many times in court.

That is why we now encourage everyone to complain about the police by filling out the online survey we have launched.

Our belief is that under the threat of massive, expensive and sustained litigation by thousands of people at the same time, some of whom can be trained in about four hours to represent themselves, the police will improve police accountability and may set up a FUND that provides fixed-price settlements for legitimate and provable claims of police abuse.

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Failing that, we will eventually launch more than 100,000 individual claims against the police at an estimated cost to the taxpayer of $22.8 billion. That figure may sound crazy. But, let’s tease out the equation in some greater detail.

Let us say we bring in 1,000 legitimate police abuse claims a year directly though our survey. At an average of $40,000 in costs on our side, just to get to mediation, plus that from the State’s defence, and also another $20,000 in other costs of investigating, that comes to $100,000 right there. So, moving forward, let us say each claim costs the Government $100,000 to settle, which we know is a fairly accurate figure.

Furthermore,we could then make it our mission to track down every victim of a strip search in the last six years, which is roughly 10,000 people per year. We could run separate cases for everyone at $100,000 in costs, to get the victim only $12,000 and we are already at 60,000 x $100,000 = $6,000,000,000. That is six billion dollars.

Then, we can do our best to find every protestor who has been assaulted by police in the last six years. For argument’s sake, let us say that number is at 1,000 people per year. Over six years we would have about 6,000 police abuse claims from protestors, and I believe that is a low estimate, considering the NSW Council for Civil Liberties has recently noted even our legal observers are getting harassed, abused and assaulted by police. So, we are at another $600,000,000. That is six hundred million dollars.

Next, and, we have done some research on this point through the NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research and other places; we find every person who was acquitted of a criminal charge because of unlawful police conduct or had their charges withdrawn because the police knew that they would lose. Based only on an estimate of acquittals and withdrawals of drug possession charges and resist/hinder and assault police, it is safe to say there would be at least 1,000 cases a year through NSW courts alone where unlawful police conduct is identified. Currently only a fraction of these police abuse victims know their rights and even less attempt to sue. Criminal lawyers need to be more aware of this.

So, with the above mentioned 1,000 claims a year multiplied for six years equals $600,000,000.

Yes, that’s another six hundred million.

So far, as you can see, based on very low estimates and a backlog of cases, we could cost the country $7.2 billion before we even start moving forward.

We could run every legitimate case of police abuse we find, and even if we lost 20% of the time, we could pay negative cost orders for our clients and not even bat an eyelid. We would remain commercially viable even with a success rate as low as 65% and maybe less.

Now that we are clear on how small of a success rate we need in order to still make substantial amounts of money and cost the TAX PAYER a significant amount more, let us look at some outliers that we could run, just to have some fun.

Almost certainly almost every Indigenous person (or, at the very least a member of their family or friendship network) is a victim of police abuse. The police have caused significant emotional distress and psychological trauma to entire communities of Aboriginal people and Torres Strait Islanders and as such many Indigenous people rightfully and reasonably fear the police, and any interactions with them. Many experience stress and anxiety at the mere sight of police or sound of a police siren. I know personally, my heart skips a beat and I feel the drip of cortisol and adrenaline pumping through my veins from the stress. Fear of the police is a very real thing that many other Australians, not just Indigenous people experience and suffer from. This is evident from the results we are already seeing from our online survey.

Many Indigenous people are traumatised as children watching their father getting violently assaulted by police and dragged away, then have the same thing happen to them several years later or even on the same night. So, there is merit to a claim against the Government for almost every Indigenous person in Australia. To make it easy, let us say that is 100,000 people at $100,000 in costs and we arrive at $10,000,000,000. That is 10 billion dollars the Government almost owes to Aboriginal people.

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Next, let us say our survey filled out by every person who is incarcerated in Australia right now. Only God knows what we will uncover there, but it is safe to say there would be another $5,000,000,000 in police abuse claims there. That is five billion dollars.

In Summary from above, the estimated total money ISUEPOLICE.COM could cause to be taken from the Consolidated Revenue Fund tomorrow is $22.8 billion and can be divided up in the following ways:

1,000 Ordinary claims of police abuse per year x 6 years = $600,000,000

1,000 Acquittals each year because of police abuse x 6 years = $600,000,000

1,000 Protesters per year x 6 years = $600,000,000

10,000 Strip search claims per year x 6 years = $6,000,000,000

100,000 Aboriginal people who have experienced police abuse = $10,000,000,000 

Probably almost everyone who is currently inside an Australian gaol: $5,000,000,000

As you can now clearly see, ISUEPOLICE.COM has a plan to improve police accountability in this country, by doing what I have described above. This is a very significant and substantial amount of money, that need not be taken from the Consolidated Revenue Fund.

Our stated aim is to negotiate a fair and reasonable settlement on just terms as soon as possible with various state and federal governments on behalf of every victim of police abuse in this country in the last six years, and even from longer ago, if there are reasonable grounds to bring forward a claim.

Considering what the police have been allowed to get way with for so long in this nation, we think it’s only fair all Australians are given the opportunity to fight back. Legally.

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  1. Why don’t you start by helping out the man that was sling tackled from behind in Flinders Street Station?

    Luke Brett Moore is still a piece of garbage, though, and his knowledge of optics is absolutely abysmal; no one respects a person who gained riches through fraud, and he doesn’t come from a position of moral high ground, at all.

    You ever wonder why sites like these have such a small viewership?

    Despite the lie we are all taught, quantity beats quality, every time.

    • What a joke you are Christopher a great reply from a person whom presumes he is from a moral high ground. Lol are you a police man?

  2. The disturbing image of the man who was ‘sling tackled from behind’ remains with me and will stay with me forever. The sound of his head hitting the deck will forever nauseate me, reduce me to tears.

    Why has there been no follow-up on the man’s condition and so on? Is he still alive? If so, then I cannot imagine the damage done.

    No-one can land with such an impact – such a crack – and not be irreparably harmed.

    My heart goes out to him.

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