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Luke Brett Moore is the founder of isuepolice.com.


  1. Why don’t you start by helping out the man that was sling tackled from behind in Flinders Street Station?

    Luke Brett Moore is still a piece of garbage, though, and his knowledge of optics is absolutely abysmal; no one respects a person who gained riches through fraud, and he doesn’t come from a position of moral high ground, at all.

    You ever wonder why sites like these have such a small viewership?

    Despite the lie we are all taught, quantity beats quality, every time.

  2. The disturbing image of the man who was ‘sling tackled from behind’ remains with me and will stay with me forever. The sound of his head hitting the deck will forever nauseate me, reduce me to tears.

    Why has there been no follow-up on the man’s condition and so on? Is he still alive? If so, then I cannot imagine the damage done.

    No-one can land with such an impact – such a crack – and not be irreparably harmed.

    My heart goes out to him.

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