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Kieran Butler is a comedian, musician and satirist. He is best known in Australia for his pop-parody musical "Ben Cousins: a rock opera" and has received critical acclaim at the Edinburgh Fringe for "Che Guevara on the Fringe" (**** The Scotsman) and his sold-out "Australia is Fucked" trilogy. More info at www.kieranbutler.com

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  1. Australia has become a morally bankrupt country by promoting large scale immigration from sub 90 IQ authoritarian countries.

    It has also become morally bankrupt by glorifying divorce and single motherhood, and allowing divorcees and single parents to occupy positions of administrative authority.

    A supposed true crime site like this ignores all crime coming from migrants, like the ongoing Hamze/ Alleladine feud; it does this because it’s neoliberal authors, all of whom are rejects of conservative society, prioritise so called thought crime from caucasians over real crime committed by foreign people’s.

    Yelling a racial epithet will always be prioritised over open air shootings by the weak; winning a battle against people without guns is very easy, especially if the battlefield is a digital one, like this one right here, but it’s not guaranteed.

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