TRUE OPINION: More Tame, Less Tamed

TRUE OPINION: There should be more people like Grace Tame and much less of the likes of “parasitic” Scott Morrison in Australia, writes The New Liberals federal candidate Sam Holland.

That picture.

You know the one. And, I’m going to tell you a very original opinion regarding it: I think Grace Tame “failing” to show Morrison respect is a complete non-issue.

Speaking as a future politician: Respect needs to be earned. This government, and in particular Scott Morrison have done very little earn that respect. In fact, I would argue that the way the Morrison government treats women would have been seen as distasteful in the 1950s, let alone 2022.

For starters, let’s talk about the sexual misconduct in Parliament House that was reported in the media last year.

What was the Morrison government’s response to ensure those sorts of crimes can never occur in what should have been the most secure workplace in the entire country?

Further, what message does that send to the more than half of the Australian population who live in fear that something like that might happen to them in their workplace?

What sort of leader can know their people feel that fear and still be too lazy to do anything to alleviate it?

Then we have the case of Christian Porter.

Need I go on? If nothing else, Porter’s actions over the past year have highlighted some very real flaws with the laws surrounding Australia’s government.

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How can someone so hated still be in public office?

How can one who has sued the public broadcaster, funded by the Australian people, be allowed to continue to pretend he represents the Australian people?

And how can one take undisclosed, what is probably foreign, money to attack the Australian people and still feel entitled to lead? But further, how can you be that guy’s boss and not sack him?

We need better mechanisms to remove politicians who do not, or no longer, represent the views of their constituents. One idea I have is the ability for the public to be able to call a by-election if they can get some threshold (perhaps 10% – 20%) of electors from their seat to sign a petition for their MP’s removal? It’s just an idea and I am open to suggestions for how we can improve it. But, if elected, the creation of such mechanisms will be a keen interest of mine.

But politics aside, Morrison had – no, has – a moral obligation to sack Porter. But he won’t because then he would lose his majority in the Lower House and, in all honesty, his prime ministership. So although these actions were committed by Porter I argue that Morrison is equally, if not more, responsible for the fact that Porter can commit them.

And then we have the infamous line that women should be happy that their government won’t shoot them for expressing their opinions. Seemingly giving himself praise for not being as radical as ISIS. Or how he constantly name drops ‘Jenny’ when he needs to say something that may not be popular as an excuse for it to be acceptable. Or how he frequently doesn’t even have the respect to give fellow parliamentarians eye contact when they address him.

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These are not the actions of someone who respects women.

And, the cherry on top, is that this PR stir (which I have no doubt has been fanned by the PMO) is the ultimate act of sexism.

Tame was almost certainly pressured by the government to attend this week’s press conference with the prime minister. Morrison clearly brought her there to use as a prop for an opportunistic photo-op as part of his election campaign. When she wasn’t impressed by this latest blatant act of corruption from the prime minister he has the gall to get his pals in the mainstream media to try attack her for not wanting her autonomy and agency taken away?

And, it’s worse than that, because the very reason that she became Australian Of The Year was for her work giving back autonomy and agency to Australians who have had it taken away from parasitic people, just like Morrison.

What message does it send to the public when the prime minister and the media class can so easily take it away from their champion, let alone those who aspire to be like her?

This article was written and authorised by Samuel Holland: 3/137 City Road, Beenleigh, QLD, 4207. He is the New Liberals candidate for Forde and all opinions in this article are his solely and may not represent those of True Crime News Weekly or the rest of his party.

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Sam is a microbiologist and a biochemist who got sick of people telling him to put up or shut up: So he decided to become the New Liberals candidate for the federal electorate of Forde. His writing mostly focuses on how Australian politics effects his community, but he also has interests in examining the negative effects of politics influencing scientific research. He also maintains a personal website that releases articles surrounding the TNL4Forde political campaign:

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