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Tom Tanuki is a writer, satirist and anti-fascist activist. He has worked in political comedy online, on stage and at protests through projects including direct action anti-racist group 'Yelling At Racist Dogs' (YARD) and the satirical nationalist group 'Million Flag Patriots'. His premiere theatre-comedy show, 'Yelling At Racist Dogs: Just As Bad', performed to sold-out crowds at the 2019 Melbourne Fringe Festival.


  1. Tom, what an amazing piece. I f***ING hate Labor and I f***ing hate all the leftists that reckon you have to vote for them if you’re left because something something unions something something LNP, when all Labor cares about is union leadership (not members, not working class people) and recycling old piss can LNP policies as you say (great metaphor!).

    Labor trade on Labor Voters (TM) who are Labor Voters (TM) no matter how shit Labor become. And shit they have become.

    I don’t know what my point is. I don’t think I have one. I hate Labor and I love this article. That’s it.

  2. Good thoughts there. Interesting articles that Labor is losing a support of the traditional western ALP voters due to the ALP’s support of A Big Australia, while they dont provide adequate roads, transport and other services for all the extra people. Australia’s population has grown by a whopping 40 per cent since the year 2000 and the people who have paid the price have been the low income workers and renters. Meanwhile the developer donations keep rolling in to the population growth friendly ALP. As Richard Wynne said in 2017, the ALP government in Victoria is “unambiguously in favour of population growth.” This is an unambiguous driver of increasing inequality in Australia. Well done ALP, keep up the neo liberal work.

  3. Good observations, many ring true. Labor is on Murdoch’s leash and can’t really be the party of the Whitlam years or even the Hawke Keating era. Tried to get the family to watch “The Falcon and the Snowman” movie but they got too depressed and turned it off.

    The sad thing is if Labor had stuck to their Labor policies they would have been out of government for the last 25 years, but apart from Rudd Gillard they have been out of office anyway and look like a weak version of the Liberals. They have been nether able to form government and exercise power nor do they look like they have any genuine convictions.

  4. Btw, yes I’m sick of nicknames as well. Albanese has gone by the ‘Albo’ nickname informally for quite awhile or at least has tolerated it, so I sort of think it’s slightly different compared to marketing man Scotty.

    It’s like the Tory PM in the UK, Boris Johnson. His first name is Alexander and everyone who knows him calls him that, but “Boris” is his clown persona for the public. Funny how they never call him “Bojo” like “ScoMo” because it would break the fourth wall even for a clown like him.

    And the ABC calling Radio National “RN” in a desperate appeal to sound relevant and edgy to younger people, all the while sycophants like Annabelle Crabb suck up to Scott Morrison and go to his house to have Sri Lankan curry while Australia breaks International Law against Sri Lankan people. So sad and desperate.

  5. Feel sorry for Bernie Sanders. He should have got the nomination.
    The Labor Party members voted for Albanese ages ago but got Bill Shorten as leader anyway. You have to wonder what the point of having the vote was.

  6. It’s “Annabel” Crabb but yes know who you mean. It’s hard to believe the ABC considers QandA to be its flagship program.

    Why has Albanese talked about reducing the rate of jobseeker? The economy’s going into recession anyway. You have to wonder why it would really matter to keep it at the higher rate for longer than Scumo plans. My sister is on carer allowance and can’t get the covid supplement. Citizens who care for people at home save the government thousands of dollars a year, and yet barely receive a few crumbs in return, meanwhile the top ASX companies pay no tax.

    And in all this Labor is in lockstep with the Coalition.

  7. I hope Labor doesn’t allow the cuts to the ABC to go through. It’s understandable they get annoyed with some of the programming and IPA weevils all through it, like Tom Switzer drooling over Lee Kuan Yew. and Barry Cassidy having the nerve to say on his last episode of Insiders that it was the right decision that Kevin Rudd had to go. Well gee thanks for that, Barry. Jay Rosen really liked the name of your show. Rudd was probably far from perfect and we got all the guff about him keeping Churchillian/Thatcherite sleeping hours, but at least he had a plan for the country.

    How strange that a former Labor staffer ends up having Lazarus wish him well. I hear he’s a good friend to people, though, would never betray a fiduciary, so I guess it’s understandable.

    Greece shut down their national broadcaster a few years ago and things didn’t improve for Greece after that. I don’t know if it has since been put back on the air.

  8. What about how condescending the mainstream media is! When Rudd got chucked out and many reacted with shock and anger, journalists and some politicians had a chortling tone “Oh the poor dumb public don’t know that they don’t choose the prime minister. It’s the PARTY that chooses the leader who then becomes prime minister. The office of the prime minister isn’t even in the constitution. Not even in the ccccooonnstituion!!! Just so awful. And this is after Labor had run a presidential Kevin07-style campaign. They wonder why the average joe has no respect for the media anymore.

  9. Like half the people alive hadn’t lived through the Whitlam years and the other half have had no education.

  10. It’s annoying this focus on boat people and plane people like it’s an episode of Playschool. Labor unfortunately got caught in a hostile media environment. It’s funny how the media tells us that the economy is the most important thing and that’s what everyone votes on, but there has to be a tough on refugees policy or else Labor won’t get into power. And talking heads on tv saying we can’t “leave sugar on the table” which is referencing the speech of fascists in the 20th century towards people they murdered. The mainstream media in this country seem to treat it all like a game.

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