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Rudy Terwilliger is an investigative reporter for True Crime News Weekly and currently resides in Sydney’s eastern suburbs. He has a strong interest in corruption in both the business and political worlds.


  1. Nearly 100% spot-on but for this one
    “A decade long undeclared moratorium on climate change action – brought about by the base political opportunism of the Coalition and The Greens initially, from which action Australia has suffered ever since.”

    If you actually think any half-arsed ALP for-show-only CC legislation wouldn’t have been axed No.1 by Abbott, then you’re dreaming. Spread the blame to where it belongs, with the ALP. Unless you won’t dare to because you’re a rusted-on ALP. Have a look at their true intentions now under Albo and Co(al).

    Hmmm, on a second read I don’t see any mention in your article of the ALP and their complicity over the last 23 years in much of the evils that you implicitly allocate solely to the LNP.

  2. Thanks for this article, a good reminder of where we have gone as a country. Not pretty.

  3. The story in the media of Adelaide woman Ann Marie’s horrible death should be a wake up call for anyone who does not think Australia has become a corrupt, greedy, corporate society. When something terrible happens, people leave flowers and notes. It’s too late. How many of us will remember this woman in even a week’s time, when the 24 hour media cycle has moved on? And then we also have one of the world’s worst mass shooters in recent times from Australia. This is what we’ve come to by having narcissistic corporate businessmen in power for 20 years.

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