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Tim Kent is a mental health professional with a keen interest in crime. He has had experience over many years as a registered nurse as well as a mental health clinician, in a role that frequently involved a forensic crossover. He holds a BA in the Behavioural Sciences and has an active interest in attempting to understand the complexities that drive criminal behaviour and the public perceptions of the same.

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  1. I saw the judge’s comments and reasoning as building as solid as possible a case against any appeal. The most significant aspect is that Pell has been convicted. If his appeal fails then he will forever be a convicted child rapist and will never again be able to use the argument that he is of ‘previous good character’. The significance for any other accusers is obvious – they do not have to prove that he is capable of such assaults and that he does not tell the truth. It also blows away the delusion that senior clergy are necessarily good people and should be given more trust than anyone else. I realise that many people (including me) think he got off lightly in this case – but perhaps it is better to have a solid, unassailable win that permanently and reliably shifts the scales of justice and public opinion in favour of others who have been assaulted. Apart from anything else, if he does appeal, there is the possibility that the sentence will be increased.

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