TRUE OPINION: When you see Jimmy Savile, I see Scott Morrison

TRUE OPINION: Many people knew British celebrity Jimmy Savile to be a truly awful person while he was still alive yet a cowed media pretended for decades he was a paragon of virtue and decency. Much like the treatment given to Australia’s Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, writes Kieran Butler.

Jimmy Savile entertained Britain for the best part of 50 years, transitioning seamlessly from radio to television, where he hosted numerous shows including Top of the Pops and Jim’ll Fix it. He raised millions for charity and received an OBE.

Savile’s kiddie fiddling skills were second to none. He is still one of the UK’s most prolific sex offenders. The British public didn’t know this when he died, so they lined the streets to mourn his passing, as if he was royalty. Considering what we now know about Prince Andrew, Savile was more “royal” than anyone ever dared to imagine.

Savile died thinking he’d fooled everybody. That was his ultimate victory. His defining ‘fuck the lot of you’ was his epitaph, inscribed on the gargantuan headstone he designed: It was great while it lasted.

However, if you watch the recently released documentary about Savile on Netflix, you’ll see plenty of moments when he was dropping hints. Nobody bothered to notice. I suspect it was because nobody cared.

Savile’s final missive incensed the British public to such a degree the headstone was removed after everyone found out about how many kids he’d fingered over the years. Despite the fact Savile was long dead, and had died knowing he’d fooled the public, when his psychopathy was revealed, Britain reacted by trying to wipe away his name, and by extension, all of the evil he perpetrated.

Jimmy Savile is Scott Morrison’s political spirit animal. Regular readers will know I made a prediction that the LNP would roll Morrison and replace him with Josh Frydenberg, who would use that as a justification to delay the House of Representatives election until July or August.

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History will now record I got that wrong. Morrison has now called the election, and going by the tale of Jimmy Savile, Australia will more than likely give their liar-in-chief and rape cover-upperer another term in government. It doesn’t help that Anthony Albanese can’t remember basic economic statistics, but the real reason Australia keeps voting LNP federally is because they want to believe in a cunt like Morrison the way Britain wanted to believe in Savile.

Morrison called the election to head off an imminent leadership spill. He took advantage of a party that couldn’t decide whether they wanted Frydenberg or that Goebbels-faced-f*ck, Peter Dutton. Morrison pulled the trigger before they were all due to return to Canberra for a Parliamentary sitting week.

Like Trump, Morrison threatened to burn down the Liberal party if they didn’t fall into line. If the ALP somehow flukes a win, all of this will be revealed. If not, like Savile, Morrison will have the last laugh, and probably step aside before the next election, his legacy intact until he shuffles off this mortal coil.

The lily-livered mainstream media know all this, but will never report it. Like Savile, Morrison knows this too. Within minutes of calling the election, they were all dutifully reporting that the polls would tighten, that Morrison is a superior campaigner, and this two horse race will go right down to the wire.

Instead of telling you that Morrison is a psychopath who heads up a government that will continue to ruin the future of Australia, they would prefer to present this election as a tight contest, so you listen to and read their mindless drivel.

I am looking at you Leigh Sales, Katherine Murphy, David Speers, Patricia Karvelas, Andrew Probyn, Annabel Crabb, Jane Norman, Samantha Maiden and Greg Jennett. Why Laura Tingle hangs out with these people beggars belief. It must be like being in charge of the consent forms at a Sky News orgy.

If Morrison loses, all of these people will compete to be first to tell you about how Morrison held a gun to the head of his entire party – and Australia. They will be first in line to remove his metaphorical headstone. This will be about assuaging their guilt. Convincing us all that they were good people who didn’t notice what was going on.

For instance, Morrison lied when he said Alan Tudge was stepping aside from the Ministry after he got busted for banging Rachelle Miller behind his wife’s back. Sorry. That wasn’t the reason. It was his penchant for getting abusive with Miller. However, all’s well that ends well. Taxpayers paid out half a million dollars to Miller to make her go away, and it turned out Tudge never stepped aside anyway.

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Morrison obviously promised Brittany Higgins something similar before the 2019 election, and then didn’t follow through. Like Savile, he learned from his mistake. Want to make a quick half a million dollars ladies? Join the LNP and wait for some bloke to punch you in the head. It’s money for jam. Who says the LNP have a “women problem”?

Evil flourishes when good people do nothing. What I didn’t realise was that when evil runs amok and triumphs in the way Savile did, society seems to think that tearing down a headstone somehow makes all of it go away.

I recently spoke to a prominent feminist and touched on the subject of the murder of my friend, Eurydice Dixon, and the insanity of the media coverage at the time. I mentioned Jaymes Todd, who was sentenced to 35 years for killing her. This was her response: “We don’t say his name. We call him Eurydice Dixon’s killer”. I responded by asking “Is that hyphenated?” She looked perplexed. I explained that I intend to never forget Todd’s name, because evil doesn’t cease to exist because you refuse to speak its name in order to de-platform it. J K Rowling told you that. Not that many feminists listen to J K Rowling.

There is also a practical purpose. My GoFundme to have Todd knocked is currently at 50% of what I need to pay for it. If I don’t remember his name, I might end up having some poor bloke called Todd James beaten to death. I reckon the best way to get rid of evil is to get rid of those who perpetrate it. Try and remember that when you pop out for a democracy sausage on May 21.

I am joking of course. Y’all know that, right?

Maybe Albo’ll fix it…

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