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Gary Johnston is an author, academic and former parole officer with decades of experience in the criminal justice system. He is True Crime News Weekly's Deputy Editor and Melbourne correspondent. His book 'No Previous Conviction' was published in May 2017 and is available on Amazon.


  1. Thank you for a well-written and timely article. It gets under my skin when I hear the mainstream media say that racist acts like killing Aboriginal people in custody or destruction of priceless rock art is upsetting for the First Nations people. I’m not Indigenous and it upsets me as well. It makes me sick, actually.

  2. Morrison is so embarrassing. Saying there was no slavery in Australia and now trying to say no slavery in NSW. Does he know any Australian history at all? Does he know which country he is supposed to be leading? Has he got Australia mixed up with somewhere else? The ABC are reporting that a third of all ASIO investigations are into these right-wing knob-heads. Think of all the time and tax-payer’s money being spent on these hate-filled pus-buckets.

  3. It’s questionable whether Morrison is as popular as the media and the anonymous pollsters claim he is. I’m waiting for someone to write a ‘dark money’ style book on who owns and controls the main polling companies. I bet they’re a big industry like anything else. They played the public for fools at the last election, effectively ensuring the LNP got home on a protest vote.

  4. Funny isn’t it, I once read that ‘oi oi oi’ originated as a German beer drinking song. Seems every country wants to claim it as their own. In Australia I think ‘oink oink oink’ would be more appropriate but then that is unfair towards pigs who are actually friendly and intelligent creatures.

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