VIDEO EMERGES! Police caught on tape brutally manhandling Indigenous boy during wild carnie violence on Aussie Day

EXCLUSIVE: Video has now emerged of a young Indigenous boy being manhandled by several NSW Police officers at the Husky Carnival on Australia Day where a mass brawl sparked by rival local youth gangs took place involving up to 100 people.

The troubling vision shows NSW Police officers brutally manhandling a slender 16-year-old boy, now identified as Keeda Meehan, late on the evening of Friday, January 26 in the NSW south coast town of Huskisson.

As police struggle to arrest the teenage boy for unknown reasons, several bystanders throw heavy backpacks at officers who have to resort to capsicum spray to control the crowd. Others meanwhile can be heard imploring the officers involved to stop assaulting the young boy. It has been alleged that Mr Meehan was simply a bystander to the wild violence on the night.


Husky Carnival Police Manhandling of Indigenous Boy 2

Video of the violence meted upon Mr Meehan emerged after being posted online to Facebook by the boy’s mother, Sandra Meehan, a short while after True Crime News Weekly’s original report was published on the wild mass brawl that took place at the carnival, largely involving drunk Anglo and Caucasian youth gangs.

Ms Meehan has said her son suffered a fractured collar bone during the incident and required hospital treatment thanks to the “disgusting actions” of NSW Police.

“Last night my 16 yr old son was arrested for being at the wrong place at Husky Carnival,” Ms Meehan said.

“He was simply standing with his mates, this footage shows the absolute disgusting actions of Husky police.

“What it doesn’t show is at the start he turned to walk away only to be king hit to the ground and pepper sprayed. It seriously concerns me to think what they do when no one’s around.

“These officers are a disgrace. When will this police brutality against our children ever stop?”

Injuries suffered by Indigenous Boy
Injuries suffered by 16-year-old Keeda Meehan

The boy was taken to Nowra Police Station but released without charge.

Strangely, police as well as carnival organisers have refused to provide much comment about what really happened on the night despite the widespread terror felt by many who witnessed the earlier wild brawl. It has also emerged that police at the scene forced witnesses to delete video footage and photos that they captured on their phones.

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A NSW Police spokesperson has previously told True Crime News Weekly that five youths were arrested and then released without charge following the mass brawl that terrorised children and adults alike at the carnival. However, the spokesperson also added that NSW Police would not be making any further comment on the goings-on at the Husky Carnival that evening.

Keeda Meehan
Indigenous teenager Keeda Meehan who was the alleged victim of police brutality at the Husky Carnival on the NSW south coast

Neither police or carnival organisers have contacted True Crime News Weekly to state that our reporting on this troubling incident has been inaccurate. We stand by our original reporting that the violent brawl at the event largely consisted of drunk youths of Anglo and Caucasian backgrounds.

Now that this particular video has emerged, it perhaps makes sense for why police and carnival organisers have tried to stayed silent on this shocking incident.

VIDEO EMERGES! Police caught on tape brutally manhandling Indigenous boy during wild carnie violence on Aussie Day

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