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  1. Ombudsman?
    Another corrupt office.

    The role of the Parliamentary Commissioner of Adminstrative Affairs (aka ‘Ombudsman’), whether C’wealth or State, is that of adminstration. Contrary to popular belief, their job is only to investigate adminstrative affairs (which is why in relation to other matters outside of adminstrative affairs, the end ‘result’ is a ‘sorry’ note. No can do. Meanwhile, people sometimes flock to the Ombudsman because they wrongly believe the Ombudsman is at liberty to address anything. Wrong. A State Ombudsman has also been known to have been persuaded by certain authorities to lie).

    Some years ago, an Independent Legal Commissioner was established in the State of Qld. He was contacted about a certain longstanding grevious legal and political situation. Such an ethical independent monster was he that upon hearing the complaint he said of the person issuing the complaint, that he would NEVER, yes, NEVER do anything.

    Another paid cog that MIS-represents the law, justice, and the people.

    Another road-block that has popped up.

    Proven Filth.

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