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  1. These guys are ruthless, sounds like they apply their business practices to any business the run, they are consistent at least – milk the company for of all its funds do not pay employees, photographers, landlords, suppliers and stash the cash in an account held in his mothers name along with the property at Potts Point.

    I hope the NSW police do investigate, the story regarding the credit card fraud this is illegal added to there on going offenses that are being committed. The residents will know who they are sharing the building with at potts point, a con man and his mother must be so proud of her son!

    Good to hear ASIC is investigating, and fair work Australia, ATO should be there as well.

    As for Alex Greenwich what a disappointment, too afraid to speak out on the matter and show his support for all affected. Remember politicians that have no back bone are useless, top of the list Alex Greenwich.

  2. Hey Serkan, Not sure if you have seen this . They have sent this to all their suppliers.



  3. Maybe you should check his involvement with AAB Holdings specialy Natures Selection / Blueleaf Foods. Sound like when they go administration an close, owing worker thousands in super an wages.

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