WHAT A D*CKHEAD! Scott Morrison doesn’t deny bringing back Covid from UK after finally coming out of hiding looking tired & short of breath as Pfizer admits vaccine doesn’t protect from Delta strain

ANALYSIS: Prime Minister Scott Morrison finally came out of hiding yesterday soon after True Crime News Weekly sent him questions wondering whether his bizarre week-long absence was due to him and his team bringing back the Delta strain of Covid while on their recent needless trip to the UK. Meanwhile, Morrison’s strange disappearance and tired and withdrawn reappearance comes as pharmaceutical giant Pfizer admits that more than two booster shots are needed for people to be adequately protected from the dangerous Delta strain of the virus. Serkan Ozturk reports.

Keeping to his character, in March of this year Prime Minister Scott Morrison made a big song and dance and show about having been jabbed with the Pfizer vaccine as millions of Australians wondered when they would ever be protected in any meaningful way against Covid. More than three months later, millions continue to wonder.

Meanwhile, thinking he was adequately protected by having jumped the queue in front of millions more vulnerable and deserving Australians, the hypocritical Morrison thought it a worthy idea to go jaunting overseas in June to the UK to be a guest watcher of the G7 Summit. Even though Australia is not a member of the G7.

For this largely needless trip, Morrison took with him a team of about 20 political and PR operatives. It’s believed the G7 was an excuse for Morrison and his team to meet and plan tactics with their British based election public relations teams, including Topham Guerin.

While all this was going on, tens of thousands of everyday Australians remain trapped in limbo overseas with the government locking them out of ever returning home and being reunited with their families for the forseeable future.

Morrison and his team of spivs though would have no problem returning to Australia despite all having spent time in the UK and at the G7 Summit in Cornwall, which has since been declared a hotspot for the transmission of the dangerous Delta strain of the Covid virus.

As exclusively revealed by True Crime News Weekly yesterday, it is believed Morrison or members of his staff or family picked up the Delta strain of the virus while at the G7 Summit. The virus even infected those who like Morrison had received two doses of the Pfizer vaccine.

The eminent British journalist and BBC television presenter, Andrew Marr, was one of the individuals to contract Covid while at the G7 Summit which Morrison and his team attended. Marr has written a first-hand account for the BBC website where he states he picked up the virus even though he had received two jabs of the Pfizer vaccine. As mentioned earlier, Morrison too had received two doses of the Pfizer vaccine in March.

Despite just over 50% of British citizens being vaccinated against Covid, the virus is still spreading widely and causing tens of thousands of new cases and hundreds of deaths in the UK, including amongst those who have already received at least one vaccination shot.

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While he was over in the UK, Morrison and his team didn’t only just visit the Covid hotspot that was the G7 Summit, they also went gallivanting around tracing the egotistical prime minister’s family history and visiting the graves of his dead ancestors. It’s also believed they travelled to meet with their electoral public relations team based in the UK to strategise ways to shore up Morrison’s failing leadership ahead of the next federal election.

Following his return to Australia late last month, Morrison went into hiding and away from public view for a week, all the while as Sydney descended into a full-blown Covid crisis as the Delta strain of the virus gripped the city.

Bemused by the strange and untimely disappearance of the usually publicity-hungry marketing man, True Crime News Weekly sent questions to Morrison and his team on Thursday, July 8 on whether the prime minister’s long public absence could be explained by having brought back the Delta strain of Covid while in the UK.

Morrison’s team ignored our questions but instead soon after called for a hastily arranged press conference for that same afternoon.

PM Scott Morrison looking pale and sounding short of breath during his press conference on July 8 after an unexplained one week absence following his return from a needless trip to the UK where the Delta strain of Covid is rampant (Image: Sky News / Supplied)

At the press conference, Morrison appeared somewhat short of breath at times and a little pale and withdrawn looking. He did not explain why he had disappeared from public view for a week as the pandemic wrecked havoc on Australia’s biggest city. Further, not a single member of Morrison’s team has denied the claims published by True Crime News Weekly earlier this week.

Furthermore, a few hours after our story was published yesterday, pharmaceutical giant Pfizer announced it would be seeking authorisation from the US Government for a third dose of its Covid vaccine to be given to people to “dramatically boost immunity” and “help ward off the latest worrisome coronavirus mutant”.

It was also announced that one shot of either the Pfizer or AstraZeneca vaccine has almost no effect against the Delta mutation of Covid.

A report from Israel meanwhile has shown that two doses of the Pfizer vaccine may only provide protection against the Delta strain for just under two thirds of people vaccinated.

With all that information at hand, it remains highly likely then that Scott Morrison has once again failed Australia. This time by bringing back the Delta strain of the virus from the UK, all so that he could engage in backroom political maneuvering.

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  1. Since his appearance yesterday, Pfizer have debunked Morrison’s claims that there are additional vaccines coming our way, beyond what is in the pipeline. So, if Morrison is ensuring Sydney are having 300,000 additional doses of Pfizer coming their way imminently, at whose expense are these doses being made available, OR is this another empty announcement?
    And observing the outrage, Twitter is abuzz with speculation that Morrison has been in hiding in Kirribilli this week as he’d returned to the city to see his trichologist for more hair plugs.

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