WHAT A DOPE! All the dumb & hypocritical things shock jock Ray Hadley said about drugs and his disgraced copper son before shocker cocaine arrest

EXCLUSIVE: The police officer son of the right-wing, anti-drugs shock jock, Ray Hadley, has resigned in disgrace after allegedly being caught in possession of cocaine at a western Sydney pub following a months-long sting by the force’s internal anti-corruption squad. In an attempt to control the media narrative and veer prying eyes from looking too closely, the 2GB broadcaster thought it wise to call a press conference in the hours following the arrest to publicly defend his son on the grounds of “mental health”.

True Crime News Weekly publisher, Serkan Ozturk, takes a closer look at the radio loudmouth’s hypocritical stance on drugs, and the “battling” son he has previously told a Prime Minister was his “in” with the New South Wales Police Force when it came to drugs.

It was a Friday night incident likely replicated around many pubs and bars that evening in Sydney, spare a few important details. Bloke has a few schooners down the local. After a couple starts feeling a bit toey, or, in need of an extra boost. Gets in touch with another bloke he knows. A little while later, a few hundred less in his wallet, but in its place a small baggie of the only kind of snow one usually sees in this humid city. Good, the bloke thinks. A few hours of talking shit and being able to stomach a few beers more than usual. Largely thanks to the cocaine mixing in with the alcohol in the liver to create cocaethylene.

But in the early evening hours of August 3 outside the The Australian Hotel & Brewery in Rouse Hill the party was over before it got a chance to get started for one 28-year-old Sydney local. Police had been watching the carpark out the back of the pub closely. They’d been following their target, through a covert operation, for up to four months. They then swooped when they saw everything they needed for an arrest. Allegedly in their culprit’s possession, about 0.79g of white powder believed to be cocaine.

Police then also nabbed the alleged seller – a 22 year old fruit market worker – who was nearby in a vehicle. It was the usual deal bag sold as a gram, which in Sydney on the street usually costs anywhere between $250-$400. It’s dependent on a few things; mainly, the quality of cocaine and the kind of relationship one may have with their dealer. Tens of thousands of people that weekend across the city – easily – had similar little baggies in their wallets, pockets and purses. Caught with the powder at the north-western Sydney pub though isn’t a corporate go-getter, nor a Bondi hipster who happens to be all vegan and clean-living during the week but coked up to the max Friday and Saturday, and at least half of Sunday before yoga.

Ray Hadley with his son at Daniel Hadley’s graduation from the NSW Police Academy  in 2012 (Image: Daily Telegraph)

This time, it’s a cop. Senior Constable Daniel Hadley from St Mary’s police station. And he’s not just any ordinary cop on the beat. He’s the police officer son of 2GB’s right-wing talkback shock jock, Ray Hadley: the ruler of the city’s airwaves when it comes to calling for more law and order solutions on an assortment of societal issues, blended with regular proclamations for tougher punishments to be meted upon the likes of ‘dole bludgers’, refugees and, indeed, drug users.

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A police officer since 2012, Daniel was named Police Officer of the Year by his peers just a year later. There are pictures of Dad looking extremely proud upon his graduation from the police academy at Goulburn.

That pride has perhaps turned into some shame with Daniel this month resigning from the force in disgrace as his court case for cocaine possession lingers on. With more than a whiff of police corruption to the whole thing, it may have been a decision Daniel had little choice with. And he has no-one to blame except himself, and perhaps his dad.

Sensing the damage his son’s arrest could have over the Hadley media brand, Ray did what basically no right-thinking citizen would do. A few hours after Daniel’s arrest, Hadley held an “emotional” media conference where he attempted to provide a defence for his son’s alleged wayward ways. An ordinary person trying a similar stunt might be called for contempt of court.

Arrested with cocaine allegedly in his possession in early August, Daniel Hadley has this month decided to resign from NSW Police (Image: Nine)

But Hadley has the backing of the big end of town. Law and justice are seemingly just concepts to bully others with, not ethics to abide by. Unlike all the “junkies” Hadley had pilloried for decades previously, in his son’s case the alleged desire for lines of Peruvian marching powder was purely down to “mental health” issues, and not heinous criminality, or, a lack of moral fibre.

”I feel particularly inadequate as a father,” Hadley said while tearing up for the cameras early on the morning of August 4.

”When I was first told I was angry and perplexed.

”I had no idea my son, a respected police officer, would be involved in such a matter. I brought Daniel back to my home and my anger turned to shock and sadness.

”My son revealed to me he’s been having mental health issues for some time. The serious nature of his illness is such that he has been admitted to a clinic immediately.”

It was 2015. Australia’s brain dead village idiot, Tony Abbott, was inexplicably the country’s prime minister. Like a stack of conservative governments preceding his awful term in office, Abbott was seeking to get some easy publicity off the back of some tough talk on drugs. Australia was said to be in the grip of an ice “crisis”. So, Abbott turned to the one man who could always be relied on in a time like that – Ray Hadley.

“It’s ruining lives, it’s destroying families and it’s devastating communities and that’s why it’s so important that it’s not just business as usual where ice is concerned,” Abbott told the radio broadcaster during their live radio interview in April 2015.

Without missing a beat, Hadley then admitted to the nation’s leader that he was well across the issues himself; as Daniel, his police officer son, was apparently feeding him regular information.

“I wanted to bring this to your attention, as well. I mean, I’ve got an ‘in’ with the New South Wales Police Force in that my son’s an officer and I talk to many of his mates about what they confront on a Saturday night or a Friday night, early in the morning, with these people with ice and then I’ve got emails – and this has been raised not just by police, but by health workers,” the shock jock rattled on.

Shock jock Ray Hadley with his media stunt a few hours after his police officer son’s arrest for alleged cocaine possession (Image: Supplied)

We are unsure if Hadley’s “in” with the police force ever mentioned problematic cocaine use as being an issue that cops have to face in Sydney.

But that’s not even the dumbest thing Hadley has said on the topic of drugs.

About a year later, in May 2016, Hadley turned his attention to the supposedly dangerous scourge that is recreational cannabis use and the heathen subculture of “Nimbin stoners”.

Ever the intrepid anthropologist, Hadley delved into this nocturnal, secretive society of marijuana fans in northern NSW with aplomb.

“They’re calling it the Mardi Grass festival where they’re taking on police and wanting to smoke their bongs to their heart [sic] content,” Hadley started rambling before doing his best imitation of a stoner.

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The half-baked radio presenter then played audio of Michael Baulderstone, a Nimbin living legend and president of the town’s Hemp Embassy.

Baulderstone also happens to be a proud stoner and retired pensioner. Hadley wasn’t having any of it.

“Someone’s paying for that pension … me and others, you lazy bastard!” Hadley shouted and screamed on his show.

“Get off your back side! Do a bit of casual work somewhere!”


With any luck, it may just come across Hadley’s mind that the taxpayers of New South Wales were paying the salary of his now disgraced police officer son so he could fund an alleged cocaine habit. “Someone’s paying for that … me and others you lazy bastard!” Indeed.

Earlier this year, though, in March, Hadley was at it again.

An ecstasy bust in north-western Sydney was wetting his lips this time. On the line was NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller. He was discussing how police can successfully target a drug syndicate’s hierarchy following the take-down of a gang producing MDMA. And lo and behold, who should be involved in this major drugs bust but none other than Ray’s son, Daniel Hadley.

“They may well start at the lowest level dealer and in this case there were a couple of young police from that enforcement squad,” Commissioner Fuller explained over the radio.

“I don’t want to embarrass you or him, but one of them was your son, Daniel Hadley.

“These officers aren’t 29 or 30 year veterans, obviously, but they realised that once they started the investigation, they could track it. Not just to the higher level dealers but back to the manufacturer.

“That’s exactly the type of policing we need to have an impact on organised crime.”

One wonders if NSW Police will  now take the same tack with their alleged cocaine-snorting colleague. Who knows, maybe Daniel Hadley could lead police right to Sydney’s Mr Big. We can only hope. From the 22-year-old Seven Hills fruiterer, Shaquillie Sione Vaisiqine Laf Moubayed, who was the younger Hadley’s alleged coke supplier of choice, the king pin is perhaps only six degrees away from being netted.


At the time of his interview with Commissioner Fuller six months ago, Hadley claimed he had no idea his son was investigating a drugs syndicate.

“I’ve known nothing about this [MDMA bust] until I got a text message from you yesterday to tell me that it was going down,” Hadley professed to the police commissioner.

It is believed that Professional Standards Command began investigating Daniel Hadley just a few weeks after his father’s radio interview with the state’s top police officer.

Too often still in modern life are people, particularly men, given a free pass when they are considered good at their jobs or important to a company. Hadley may be good at his job of being a loudmouth radio yobbo. But he makes the jobs of others close to him extremely difficult to do.

The ‘myth’ of Rad Hadley has long been able to obscure the horrible reality of the man. He even has an oft-repeated genesis story for his unlikely media stardom. An angry auctioneer, he was plucked from obscurity in 1980 while working as a weekend taxi driver after giving a ride to a news director from radio station 2UE.

Over time, Hadley built up a sphere of influence. So that he went from a casual traffic reporter, to a sports commentator covering things like the greyhounds and horse races to the rugby and his favourite, the rugby league. And then in 2002, he was offered a chance to follow Alan Jones to 2GB where along with his sports commentating, he was given the role of Mornings presenter.

Cocaine Lines.jpg
Cocaine in Sydney is expensive and of extremely poor quality (Image: Wiki Commons)

And there he built his fiefdom. Screaming at politicians. Belittling the vulnerable. Playing a country music song every now and again.

A “psychotic bully” and narcissistic thug who angrily blames others when things don’t go right. Ask the guy he bullied during the Athens Olympics back in 2004. Or the IT guy in 2013 when Hadley wasn’t happy with a podcast not being uploaded quick enough for his liking. Or the almost passed out, drunk 17-year-old kid he allegedly manhandled at his own daughter’s birthday party.

His zeal for power and influence would end up costing his marriage to his long-suffering second wife, Suzanne. Before the marriage ended, there were public reports that Hadley’s ego had got too large for his wife to deal with anymore. There were whispers too, of domestic violence with an AVO initially sought against Hadley but then later withdrawn. According to reports, the radio star is then said to have created a “minefield” for his former wife as she tried to move on with her life.

As there is a sniff of possible police corruption with the arrest of the younger Hadley, True Crime News Weekly urges politicians to no longer allow Hadley senior to direct the agenda when it comes to policing and law and order in New South Wales.

With his son’s arrest and resulting self-expulsion from the police force, perhaps it is time for Hadley’s undue and unwarranted influence over politics in this state to finally come to an end. His 2GB stablemate, Alan Jones, may also be nearing the end of his reign over the radio airwaves after costing the station’s ultimate owners Fairfax Media almost $4m this month in the country’s largest ever defamation payout.

Daniel Hadley is yet to enter a plea to the charges he is facing. He is next expected to face Parramatta Local Court on October 3.



WHAT A DOPE! All the dumb & hypocritical things shock jock Ray Hadley said about drugs and his disgraced copper son before shocker cocaine arrest




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