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  1. Oh I fucking love this! I’m going to be contributing to your Patreon. Joe is nothing but an irrelevant Murdoch puppet and he should be thanking Jordan for getting his name trending for once.

  2. As my friend and I were saying, watching this episode of FriendlyJordies about Joe Hildebrand was like seeing your teenage son shirtfront your pool cleaner.

  3. I watched the video FriendlyJordies made about Hildebrand and I thought it was a tiny bit too harsh for a tad too long and sent Jordan a message saying as much. I have just discovered that Hildebrand was obnoxious towards Rosie Batty and is a completely brain-dead Murdoch puppet. Now if anything Jordy’s video seems mild. In my opinion Joe Hildebrand is like one of those sly, sniveling kids at school that seems too weak to be a problem but does a stronger bully’s dirty work.

  4. Pleasing! I learnt the word “oleaginous” when I couldn’t solve the crossword recently. Seeing Mr. Hildebrand will help me remember it from now on.

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