WHAT THE JOE?! News Corp loudmouth Joe Hildebrand finally left silent & speechless after Friendlyjordies video DESTROYS career

EXCLUSIVE: Prominent News Corp foot soldier and breakfast tv host, Joe Hildebrand, has been taken down a peg or two with the release of a stinging and brutally funny viral video critiquing his media career. Serkan Ozturk reports.

It’s usually almost impossible to stop Murdoch minion Joe Hildebrand from yapping his mouth about whatever topic he thinks he is an expert of on that particular hour of the day. But a hilarious viral video released by comedian and political satirist, Jordan Shanks aka Friendlyjordies, has done just exactly that. With Hildebrand now completely silent on the one topic you would think he has the most expertise of: his own wretched media career playing up to the lowest common denominator while styling himself as some kind of edgy iconoclast.


The video released just recently has clocked up a quarter of a million views on YouTube alone already. For comparison, News Corp considers one of its so-called news stories a “hit” if the article receives only 2,500 website views and just one poor soul stupidly decides to give away their hard-earned cash and become a paid subscriber to Rupert Murdoch’s criminal propaganda operation.


The video begins with Shanks pondering “how does Joe Hildebrand have a job … How do you make a living off of being a personality, when you don’t have a personality?”

It then sees Shanks sum up the Studio 10 breakfast tv show host’s unique brand of political commentary before suggesting Hildebrand is a “sad” wannabe who would likely get wedgied by fellow Murdoch luvvies like Andrew Bolt and Tony Abbott.

“His [political views] are usually your standard Murdoch attack pieces dressed in sad attempts at wit and pointless nuance,” Shanks says in the video.

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Going further on the attack, Shanks says in the video he imagines Hildebrand likely sees himself as “witty, razor-sharp and quirky” but in reality is closer to an idiot obsessed with correcting other people’s grammar … incorrectly.

Shanks produced the video on his highly popular YouTube channel a little while after asking Hildebrand a question over Twitter about his intelligence and receiving a response that erroneously corrected his supposedly incorrect grammar.

Talking with True Crime News Weekly, Shanks claimed Hildebrand is “too afraid” to come back at him with anything of substance following the release of the viral video.

“He tried to correct my grammar again, yet after being informed that it was correct he changed his mind and claimed he was correcting something else in the sentence which also happened to correct, and in fact grammar that Joe himself uses quite frequently,” Shanks said.

“So Joe has tried to correct my correct grammar three times now.

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“Other than that he’s given the very predictable response of a Z-grade media narcissist that is ‘if anyone criticises me it must be because they’re obsessed with me’. I mean … perhaps that response is partially correct because his almost exceptional mediocrity and inability to comprehend very simple things such as sarcasm does fascinate me.”

Just a couple days ago, Hildebrand got himself confused over Twitter following a well-known comic writer’s satirical tweet about affording respect to North Korean dictator, Kim Jong Un, and his family should recent rumours of a brain injury be true.

Shanks’s video has received almost 2,000 comments with many suggesting they thought the video was “harsh” as they believed Hildebrand was no match for the rapid-fire delivery and over-the-top roasts delivered within.

“Anyone else here like ‘stop hitting him, he’s already dead’ (inside),” one commenter wrote on YouTube, with almost 1,500 people ‘liking’ the comment.

Another commenter said: “This feels like watching a MMA fighter beat up a toddler.”

Shanks admitted to True Crime News Weekly some of the responses to the video were “pretty funny” and did make him pause for a second on whether he was engaging in bullying a defenseless person.

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“Whilst Joe and his 15 fans were claiming I made the video to leach clout off the roaring success that is Joe’s career, the most negative response I got from my fans was from people who only discovered Joe via me and because Joe presented so sadly to someone seeing him for the first time those people thought I was punching down,” Shanks explained.

“But Joe is a bad and stupid person and has done moderately well despite his low level of intelligence. So despite the fact you can see sad desperation in his eyes, and pathetic approval seeking behaviour every time he’s on television, I think it’s okay to ‘pick on’ him. He is a man committed to no cause in life other than furthering his own career and material wellbeing.”

True Crime News Weekly sought comment from Hildebrand on two separate occasions this week but he chose not to respond.

EDITOR’S NOTE: The author of this article invites Joe Hildebrand to review its grammar and would like to put on the record that it was written while coming down from a psychedelic trip as the topic of Joe Hildebrand should not require any sober analysis from anybody at all.

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  1. Oh I fucking love this! I’m going to be contributing to your Patreon. Joe is nothing but an irrelevant Murdoch puppet and he should be thanking Jordan for getting his name trending for once.

  2. As my friend and I were saying, watching this episode of FriendlyJordies about Joe Hildebrand was like seeing your teenage son shirtfront your pool cleaner.

  3. I watched the video FriendlyJordies made about Hildebrand and I thought it was a tiny bit too harsh for a tad too long and sent Jordan a message saying as much. I have just discovered that Hildebrand was obnoxious towards Rosie Batty and is a completely brain-dead Murdoch puppet. Now if anything Jordy’s video seems mild. In my opinion Joe Hildebrand is like one of those sly, sniveling kids at school that seems too weak to be a problem but does a stronger bully’s dirty work.

  4. Pleasing! I learnt the word “oleaginous” when I couldn’t solve the crossword recently. Seeing Mr. Hildebrand will help me remember it from now on.

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