WHY DONALD TRUMP IS A C*NT! A Rough Guide to the US Election

ANALYSIS: Donald Trump is a c*nt, writes Gary Johnston.

Forgive the vulgarity, but in my defence, I’m Scottish and the term isn’t necessarily pejorative. Not always. One can be a ‘good cunt’ and in fact, there are certain levels: it’s quite possible to be, ‘a bit of a cunt’.

Trump, on the other hand, is the full, 100% real deal. By any standard, he’s an utter and complete cunt.

The pricks’ prick, a blatant, unapologetic liar, a racist narcissistic, misogynistic self-server,  totally lacking in any conception of empathy or morality, there are a number of words that fit the bill but if we can only use one word, cunt is it.

And in case you need further evidence, he plays golf.  I rest my case.

Scotland’s citizens letting US President Donald Trump know what they think of him (Image: Janey Godley / Twitter)

However, this is not a universal view. Some people, quite a lot who voted for him in 2016 and apparently intend to do so again, would beg to differ.

Not only do these individuals utterly reject this comprehensive Trumpian description, they go further in the opposite direction. Much further. Lauding him to the heavens they firmly believe exist, he is, they proclaim, ‘the Greatest President in History’.

Given Trump’s obvious character deficiencies, hopeless stewardship of a nation in crisis and terrible hair, this view is akin to describing the brilliantly named but otherwise hopeless Ricky van Wolfswinkel as the greatest footballer of all time, notwithstanding the palpable fact that poor Ricky couldn’t score, shoot, pass, dribble, or even defend.

His throw-ins weren’t all bad, though.

It’s all too easy, and quite often gratifying, to characterise Trump supporters as God-bothering, conspiracy theory morons who would find it difficult to locate their own arse without the benefits of a GPS and a ready reckoner, but this wouldn’t be entirely accurate.

Admittedly, the Trump fans we tend to see in all of their self-humiliating glory in news reports, easily identifiable by the MAGA hats, itchy AK47 trigger fingers, red necks and pale skin tones, present as a laughable, though paradoxically dangerous cohort, proclaiming somewhat incongruously that their main man was ‘sent by God’ – (I know God is said to have a sense of humour, but anointing DJT as your earthy representative is a joke even Lennie Bruce would hesitate to crack).

But the thing is, not all Trump lovers are piteous simpletons.  As a matter of fact, some are actually rather clever. Ruthless, greedy, amoral and rapaciously money-grubbing, but yes, clever.

You don’t, however, tend to see these individuals at Trump rallies, chanting U-S-A and exhorting that people are locked up, these particular Trumpists don’t care for that sort of overt barracking. They don’t need to – the idiots, the turkeys voting for Christmas do all the heavy lifting, whilst at the same time, the policies purported on Donald’s behalf gets the job done for the real power brokers.

Despite claiming to be a man of the people, Trump has, since his election in 2016 ensured through legislation that American billionaires now pay less taxes than ordinary workers. According to a study by economists, in 2018, for the first time in history, the 400 wealthiest people in the country paid a lower tax rate than any other group.

In addition, since his elevation to the highest position in the land, Trump has brought into his administration  more billionaires, CEO’s and Wall Street asset strippers than any previous President in history, surrounding himself with crooks, lobbyists, lawyers and consultants of various capitalistic stripe,  all filling their own financial boots by promoting advantageous strategies for the industries that used to employ them and in some cases, still do.

What do these fat cats care that, as a result of Trump’s botched attempt to repeal the Affordable Care Act, 7 million of Americans have lost their health insurance?  They don’t, it’s an irrelevance, mere collateral damage.

The now infamous party photo of Donald Trump with convicted paedophile Jeffrey Epstein and alleged accomplice, Ghislaine Maxwell (Image: Supplied)

Likewise, they countenance soaring unemployment, billions of cuts in Medicare and Social Security, his cosying up to arch-gangster Putin – who plays Trump like a one finger ukulele – the flagrant nepotism, federal offshoring and a continued refusal to release his personal tax returns.

Oh yeah and who could forget his abysmal, cack-handed, borderline criminal, response to Covid 19.  Pint of neat bleach, anyone?

Trump’s policies only benefit the rich, something the gaga masses seem to overlook, focusing instead on his so-called, shoot from the hip cockiness, his easy to remember sloganising, his wacky rhetoric, his knee jerk responses, whilst at the same being apparently oblivious they are the ones who are being royally screwed.

And if all that doesn’t convince you the man’s a total cunt, here’s the kicker: since his inauguration, he’s played golf more than 250 times.

So, if all of the above is true – and it is – why is it still a distinct possibility he could be re-elected later this year?

Donald Trump doing what he does best. Apparently, he’s a lying cheat on the golf course too (Image: Supplied)

Anyone who, with gritted teeth, watched Trump’s candidate acceptance rally can patently see his election strategy. It’s called, ‘the fear factor’.

Portraying his opponent, Joe Biden, the epitome of a fiscally conservative, political moderate as a ‘left wing extremist’, DJT is appealing to the barely hidden historical reds-under-the-bed-dread the USA has endured since the 1950’s.

‘A vote for Biden, is a vote for socialism’ is the chosen mantra – it’s sadly not true, but a tick for Biden just might be a vote for more equality, fairness, impartiality and social justice, less wholesale corruption and cronyism.

That’s the last thing Trump, and more importantly the shadowy rich figures who benefit most from his discriminatory, bigoted, rich-get-richer strategies, want and even better, they have Mr and Mrs American Dumb and Dumber leading the re-elect DJT charge. Result.

The election takes place on Tuesday 3rd November, appropriate since we can only hope that the majority of Americans realise how completely they’ve been conned and thus,  the week before the poll, send the resounding message of  ‘Trump: See You Next Tuesday’.

It couldn’t happen to a nastier man.

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